Ghostwire: Tokyo – How To Defeat Yaseotoko

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Yaseotoko is the first boss you will fight in Ghostwire: Tokyo. This is one of the masked enemies you see from the beginning of your journey, and you’ll face him near the end of Chapter 2: Trouble.

This enemy will become a Sojutsuki, a special kind of yokai invented for the game. However, don’t let his view trick you: fighting Yaseotoko is like playing a mirror match because he has almost the same moves that you do. Check this guide to learn everything about Ghostwire: Tokyo's first boss.

Learning Yaseotoko’s Attacks

As already mentioned, the first boss will show a similar moveset to the one you have. Yaseotoko can change between Fire Weaving, Wind Weaving, and Water Weaving — all the elemental magic powers you have unlocked during Chapter 2.

Each weaving has its own attacks. For example, when using Fire Weaving, the boss will throw lances of fire that can travel long distances. His Water Weaving, on the other hand, produces a wave attack that mostly works in close-range. Lastly, while using Wind Weaving, the boss will throw basic homing projectiles in rows of two or three.

You can guess what type of magic is Yaseotoko going to use by looking at the colors of his hands. They are the same as the ones you use: green for Wind Weaving, red for Fire Weaving, and blue for Water Weaving.

Yaseotoko only has one attack that you can’t do: it’s a ground slam that creates a shockwave on the floor. This will be performed after jumping at the sky twice, using a hook similar to the one you throw at tengu (the flying creatures in the city).

This ground slam can be easily predicted as it’s the only attack the boss will do when jumping. He’ll also show a violet hook to reach the ground. The shockwave can be both parried and blocked.

How To Beat Yaseotoko

Akito will be transported to a wide arena in an alternate dimension when facing Yaseotoko. Here you’ll have plenty of space to deal with this terrifying beast, apart from multiple Crystallized Ethers around, which will recover your SP when broken.

When the battle begins, you can use your Spectral Vision and see that the enemy’s core is in his chest. That’s where you want to throw most of your attacks. However, at the same time, you’ll have to avoid everything that the boss will throw at you.

His fire lances and air projectiles can be avoided by just running to the side, but their timing can be tricky, so always have your block at hand just in case. Defending against his Water Weaving is another story, as Yaseotoko will come near you to deal damage with a wave. Sometimes this move can be completely avoided by just crouching at the precise time, but it’s better if you just guard yourself, trying to parry it.

Unfortunately, Ghostwire: Tokyo doesn’t give you many defensive options. You can only block and parry, without the chance of rolling or dashing to the sides. On the flip side, the parry windows tend to be generous, and blocking at the wrong time still reduces a lot of the damage you can take.

Hit Yaseotoko with everything you have. Use your fire-charged bombs to do the most damage, and change to Water Weaving when the enemy comes close to you. Use your air projectiles as your default weapon, charging them whenever you can, and don’t forget that you have a bow that deals significant damage.

Don’t miss the chance to use your consumables whenever you need to do so. At this point, you’ll have a packed inventory if you have collected every bag you saw in the streets and purchased healing items from conveniences stores. Plus, you won’t be out of SP because the Ethers won’t stop spawning until the battle is over.

Once you’ve dealt enough damage, the enemy will have its core exposed. Now you only have to take it out, using the same move you use to take any enemy core. After this, the fight will be over.

The Aftermath Of The First Boss Fight

Once you defeat the enemy, you’ll discover that this masked guy was KK’s corporeal body. Also, he wasn’t really defeated, as he’ll fight you in a cutscene and remove KK’s spirit from your body, capturing him in a Containment Cube.

You’ll have to escape the location, now infested with enemies, only using stealth and your bow.

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