Ghostrunner Is Dashing On Over To Switch This Fall

The technical wizards over at Slipgate Ironworks have somehow managed to get Ghostrunner, the upcoming sci-fi first-person platformer game, running on Nintendo Switch. As such, a version for Nintendo’s portable will be releasing alongside the already announced PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions on October 27, 2020. That’s awesome for anyone that wants to take this game on the go.

Revealed at the Tokyo Game Show today, a playable version of the game will be shown off on TGS’s digital expo floor. I’m not exactly sure how that will work, but you can catch a glimpse of the game in action with this new trailer. While obviously pared back from the other versions, it still looks mighty impressive for Nintendo’s console.

Last week during PAX Online, All In Games! had shown off a much farther along build of Ghostrunner to the press. I was already impressed with the demo I played at PAX East, but the level of polish has come a long way since earlier in the year. The combination of platforming challenges mixed with its Hotline Miami-esque combat has me very excited for the final game.

With it coming to Switch, a larger audience will be able to experience this interesting looking title. The cyberpunk aesthetic is a real joy and the PC version will be equipped with full ray-tracing support for those fancy Nvidia cards (which are completely out of stock). I would anticipate a next-generation release, too, but the developers have not had access to dev kits. It will be some time before we hear anything about PS5 and Series X.

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