Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed: 5 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that focuses on a team of four Ghostbusters that faces off against a solo Spirit. While many multiplayer games have some form of lore or story, Spirits Unleashed goes a step beyond and implements a short story in the form of occasional cutscenes. Progressing in the story and unlocking new cutscenes can only happen after repeatedly completing matches of the game's multiplayer.

Once the story has wrapped up, you're left with no more cutscenes or story incentives to keep pulling you in — so what can you do when you finish the game? Let's take a look at what leftover spooks and haunts await during your ghostbusting (or haunting) adventure.

5/5 Continue Leveling Up

You will be leveling up your busters and ghosts long after you have completed the main story. For both sides, leveling up has the major benefit of unlocking items, upgrades, or entirely new characters. There are four ghost types that each have different variations or subtypes. Leveling up a single ghost type will help you unlock the next glob of goo that will aid you in haunting buildings. You'll want to test out every ghost, as there are four main types and multiple subtypes available to unlock.

The Ghostbusters work a little bit differently. Each item that you have access to, aside from secondary gadgets, has the ability to unlock variations that fundamentally change your playstyle and equipment. You level up each piece of equipment by using it repeatedly, so it will take a decent amount of time to unlock all the variations and the secondary equipment that are available after you finish the story.

4/5 Play Around With Item Customization

The basic set of equipment that is offered to you at the start of the game is all you technically need to bust ghosts, but there are so many other options to experiment with and explore. The initial equipment will help you be a pretty well-rounded Ghostbuster, but you can choose to specialize in one area or another. From tether distance and strength to heat buildup and cooldown, there are plenty of options you can draw from when experimenting with builds.

If you want to focus on destroying rifts instead of capturing ghosts, you'll want to decrease your heat buildup, choose attachments that increase rift damage, and prepare for a potentially cranky ghost interrupting your efforts. This is just one way you can use item customization to your advantage, but there are many more.

3/5 Alter Your Playstyles

Once you unlock all of the item and character customization options, you will be able to test a variety of builds or playstyles. This is important to change up, because every ghost and buster will be different. Your playstyle can be assisted by your item customization, but is more focused on the decisions you make in every game. As the Buster, do you want to track down the ghost? Find and destroy the hidden rifts? Comfort terrified civilians?

As the Ghost, you can directly attack the Ghostbuster team, work on scaring civilians, or sneak by as you possess and haunt random objects. Each objective and style will inch you closer to a full haunt. It is important to think through what playstyle works best for the challenge you're up against. There is a surprising amount of variety and options available as both a Ghost and Buster, so try some new things out.

2/5 Theme Your Character

While you might not know it, Mario and Luigi spent some time trapping ghosts with the rest of the Spirits Unleashed crew. Part of the comedic nature of the game is the cartoonish characters, animation, and customization options. While it doesn't ever go overboard, you can be fairly inventive with your customizable character.

There are plenty of hairstyles, outfits, accessories, and other color customization options that will help you stand out…or you can create an homage to a pop culture plumber that happens to moonlight as a Mushroom Kingdom savior. Ghosts can be lightly customized too. Your favorite ectoplast and green goo, Slimer, is even available in the mix.

1/5 Go Haunt Or Bust

With the story completed, customization items at your disposal, and ghost types unlocked, you've got nothing else to do but get back out there, make new friends, and bust those ghosts to your heart's delight. If you can scrounge up a friend or two, you can even use the tools you learned here to create a monster of a team that will have the ghost whimpering in defeat.

Or…you can use your newfound power to haunt wave after wave of hopeful Ghostbusters as you slither and slime your way to victory. Be aware that any enemies you make will soon become your allies as the game has the habit of keeping the game lobby together. Win or lose, you'll probably end up swapping sides, so prepare to haunt, bust, and haunt some more.

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