Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Terminator Event Won’t Feature Arnold Schwarzenegger

We didn’t have to wait long to learn more about Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s upcoming Terminator event. After just announcing it was still happening yesterday, Ubisoft has uploaded a trailer that confirms a few more details for what players can expect. This crossover raid will feature the iconic T-800 machine, but it sadly won’t be modeled after star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The narration in the brand new trailer confirms that this is simply cribbing the plotline from the Terminator films. Skynet has sent a machine back to the present and it’s there to kill people. What will be interesting to see is if the year for Judgment Day was pushed back (like in Terminator 3) or if this will be some kind of lead up to Dark Fate (which kept Judgment Day has prevented).

At any rate, Arnold’s not in and there seems to be more than just a simple mission where you shoot the hulking machine. We catch glimpses of cutscenes where Nomad is seen investigating a Terminator lineup and another where he’s shooting at one in a futile effort to stop it. It would be really neat to have to find new weaponry specifically for battling Terminators, but I’m probably thinking too broadly about this.

The event will kick-off tomorrow, January 29. Players will be introduced to Breakpoint’s T-800 and likely defeat a single one in combat. The second part, launching a few days later on February 1, will take players to an assembly line where they’ll probably square off against an entire army. Successful completion of the event will earn you an “RT5 Shepherd Terminator” vehicle, the “Shredded T-800” face paint, the “Starfield X4 Terminator” vehicle, a resistance helmet, and then some lame Uzi and AR-18.

For intents and purposes, this does seem kind of neat. The Terminator franchise has sort of lost its original meaning with all of the unnecessary sequels and spin-offs. What used to be a very menacing design has been reduced to cheap fan service. Still, in the right hands -*cough* Terminator: Resistance *cough*-, the franchise does have the ability to remain scary.

I still don’t see the connection to Tom Clancy, though.

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