Ghost Of Tsushima: How To Get Wax Wood

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Ghost Of Tsushima has received a lot of attention for its impressive open world and the sheer amount of content contained in its version of medieval Kamakura Period Japan. Although you'll be playing as a samurai ghost with plenty of unfinished business that needs your attention, there are plenty of side activities to keep you busy if you feel like procrastinating.

There are many places to explore and things to discover as you gather what you need to aid you in your quest and become stronger. This includes collecting rare resources like the elusive Wax Wood, which are necessary for certain upgrades.

What Is Wax Wood?

In Ghost Of Tsushima, wood is used to upgrade your bow weapons. There are three types of wood with Bamboo being the most common, followed by Yew Wood, and finally, Wax Wood, which is the rarest.

Wax Wood is needed to make your bow stronger. Once your Half Bow and Long Bow reach level four, you'll need Wax Wood to continue upgrading. To completely max out both of them, you'll need a total of 12 pieces per, 24 pieces total. Unfortunately, Wax Wood isn't just rare, it can only be found in a select few locations. The good news is that these places can guarantee at least one Wax Wood when you visit.

How To Get Wax Wood

Although Wax Wood is a necessity for upgrading two of the most effective ranged weapons you have, acquiring it isn't simple. The most reliable way to get it is by completing Shinto Shrines. These are scattered across the world. Though some can be reached on foot, a surprising number of them can only be reached if you have the Grapple Hook. You'll get it from Taka after you save him from the Mongols.

Shrines are special locations with the challenge is finding your way to them. Once you get there, you'll need to Honor The Shrine to complete your visit. This will always reward you with one piece of Wax Wood. After you do that, make sure you search the area surrounding the shrine very thoroughly. There's a chance you'll find a small tree that resembles Yew Wood trees which you can harvest to get an additional Wax Wood.

Last, but not least, it is possible to buy Wax Wood. An NPC merchant known as the Trapper will appear in various camps. His wares will change periodically, and occasionally he'll have a single piece of Wax Wood for sale. It'll cost you 300 Supplies and won't restock the next time you visit. You'll need to find the Trapper at another location in hopes of buying some more Wax Wood.

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