Ghost of Tsushima Game Awards 2019: PS4 release date, TGA 2019 trailer reveal

Ghost of Tsushima is set to be one of the biggest announcements at The Game Awards 2019, with Sucker Punch debuting a brand new PS4 trailer. Before this week PS4 gamers looking forward to Ghost of Tsushima had to endure a lengthy period of radio silence. Ghost of Tsushima first debuted at Paris Games Week 2017 where Sony unveiled the hugely impressive looking PlayStation exclusive.

The following year in June the first ever Ghost of Tsushima gameplay footage emerged during the trailer showcased at E3 2018.

But until this week that was the last time Ghost of Tsushima fans had been given an official update on the project.

This all changed during Tuesday’s State of Play broadcast where a brief teaser trailer for Ghost of Tsushima was shown.

The teaser trailer showed a cinematic that takes play in a golden coloured forest in 13th century Japan.


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The State of Play Tsushima announcement was part of a fuller trailer that will debut at The Game Awards 2019.

The official Sucker Punch trailer tweeted the teaser trailer alongside the message: “To be continued…12.12.19 #TheGameAwards #GhostOfTsushima”.

While the official PlayStation UK Twitter also posted: “Tune in to #TheGameAwards tomorrow evening to see the full Ghost of Tsushima trailer.”

It seems possible that the Ghost of Tsushima release date will also get confirmed during the upcoming Game Awards 2019 showing.

It has been rumoured that Ghost of Tsushima will have a late 2020 release date.

If that’s the case then Sony could use TGA 2019 to confirm this news, giving them a whole year to build up anticipation for the PS4 exclusive.


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Ghost of Tsushima is the only major upcoming PS4 exclusive which has not got a confirmed release date.

Last of Us 2 and Dreams all have release dates pencilled in for next year as does the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier previously said that Ghost of Tsushima would be coming out in 2020.

Schreier added that Tsushima had its release date delayed as a knock on effect of the delay to The Last of Us Part 2.

In October he posted on Twitter: “BTW, Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t have a public release date yet, but it’ll also be bumped later into 2020 to account for this delay.

“Don’t expect them to suddenly turn it into a PS5 game or anything, but it was originally planned for the first half of the year – not anymore”.

If you’re looking to tune in to The Game Awards then all the action will be kicking off soon.

For fans in the US they’ll be able to watch The Game Awards 2019 at 5.30pm pacific time and 8.30pm eastern time on Thursday December 12.

Gamers in the UK will be able to watch the action unfold from 1.30am UK time on Friday December 13.

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