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Minecraft may have been usurped by Fortnite as the biggest game in the world, but that's not to say it's small-fry. The game is still absolutely everywhere.

A big part of that is Minecraft's availability across so many platforms – you can play on iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. In fact, you can play across every platform (except PS4) – so you can build with your friends, regardless of platform (unless their platform is PS4, in which case, COME ON SONY!).

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Because of the cross-platform nature of Minecraft, this means currency works a little differently. While you can buy Minecoins directly on your console, you can also buy them in bundles as currency cards. These can be redeemed within Minecraft, so you don't have to worry about platform you play on.

These Minecoins can be spent on skins and worlds that other players' have created, so you can add new characters and locations to your game.

We've put together a collection of prices and will update these as and when we can.

1000 Minecoins

CDKeys – £5.99

1720 Minecoins

Amazon – £8.39

GAME – £8.39

3500 Minecoins

Amazon – £16.74

GAME – £16.74

Minecraft is due to received a huge add-on in the form of the Nether Update, coming soon. We've got all the info for you here.

Looking for a new console to play Minecraft on? Check out our buyer's guide and best prices for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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