Get Got By A Gran: Watch Senior Citizens Compete Against Best Young Counter-Strike Players

In celebration of World Senior Citizen’s Day, Lenovo Legion’s Twitch followers can tune in to watch Swedish gaming professionals, the Silver Snipers, a team of five players aged 65 to 77 compete against some of today’s top gamers in a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament this Friday.

Mark your calendars for August 21st, for it’s World Senior Citizen’s Day. For those who aren’t out celebrating, kick back and enjoy some high-intensity CS:GO gameplay from the legendary Silver Snipers, coached by former CS:GO professional Fredrik “Jaegarn” Andersson in the first ever “Get Got by a Gran” live event. The event will be streamed live on the Lenovo Legion’s Twitch, beginning at 10am ET on Friday, August 21st until noon. Tune in to see how El Niño, BirDie, Windy, Trigger Finger and Knitting Knight fare against the gaming youth of today.

The event was announced on Lenovo’s Twitter, persuading viewers to tune in and watch for a chance to win Lenovo gear and prizes.

The Silver Snipers’ claim to fame is their win at the DreamHack Summer 2019 CS:GO World Senior Cup, where they handily defeated the Grey Gunners in a 16-4 victory. The team was assembled in 2017 by Lenovo with the goal of broadening the age range of the eSports audience, which averaged very young. The line-up has since changed, originating with Knitting Knight, Berra-Bang, Teen Slayer, Windy and El Niño. The seniors, none of whom had played CS:GO before, fell in love with the game and decided to pursue it seriously.

In their first official tournament, just three weeks after they first played the game, they were unable to win a game but did win a round in their first match. Despite a tough loss, the response from the community was very strong and encouraging, and it brought in a larger senior audience that Lenovo had hoped for. The team has since strengthened their roster and improved their shot, follow a more regular training regimen and are hoping to prove to their opponents and viewers that age is just a number.

So this Friday, sit back, relax and see what the Silver Snipers bring to the table in the first ever “Get Got by a Gran” event. You may win a prize, you may not, but either way, you’ll get to watch the legendary senior Swedes trash talk some hooligans live, and that’s a guarantee.

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