Get A Closer Look At Borderlands 3's New Siren Amara

There can only be six sirens at a time in the Borderlands universe, and we’ve been introduced to another. It’s time to meet Amara, the powerful brawler who’s more on the lookout for a fight than fortune. As a celebrity among the people, she’s loved by everyone… everyone except the bandits of course.

We get a better glimpse at her character abilities in the trailer above, and the siren stays true to her mystical melee abilities. Skills such as Phasegrasp, Phasecast, and Phaseslam have been revealed, where Amara can take out enemies with various forms of astral assaults.

  • Phasegrasp ⁠— Lock enemies in place with an astral fist, filling them with electricity and your teammates’ lead.
  • Phasecast ⁠— Bombard your foes with a flurry of mystic fists, tearing your way through enemies to score bonuses.
  • Phaseslam ⁠— Perfect for melee focused players, knock enemies into the air with an earth-shaking ground slam.

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