Get a better look at that PS5 devkit leak with these new 3D renders

Whether it’s real or not there are now 3D renders of the Sony patent that may give a hint as to what the PS5 will look like.

Earlier this week a mysterious Sony patent was discovered for what many think could be the devkit for the PlayStation 5 – the modified version of the console used by developers to make games for it.

There’s even a small chance it’s actually the console itself, although the design seem too outlandish for that to be likely.

But now website LetsGoDigital has created a series of 3D render to show what the patent diagram would look like if it was real.

As you can see it almost looks like something out of a sci-fi film and those massive fans on the side seem far too big (an probably noisy) to be on a consumer device.

They would make sense if a developer was pushing the hardware to its limit and keeping it on all day while they work so maybe this really is what a devkit looks like.

An image of a devkit usually leaks out sooner or later for new consoles, although that risks getting a developer into a lot of hot water with Sony so it’s more often by accident than on purpose.

The official reveal of the PlayStation 5 is expected to be sometime next spring, although there’s no guarantee Sony will actual reveal what it looks like at that point – as they didn’t straight away with the PlayStation 4.

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