Genshin Impact: Zhongli Talent and Ascension Materials

The Archon of Geo's mortal vessel is Zhongli, a five-star Geo polearm user. If you're lucky enough to pull Zhongli, you won't regret powering him up to the max level of 90. To do so, you're going to need quite a bit of Mora, as well as the right materials

If you want to level up Zhongli's talents, you'll also need some items and cash for that. To help you on your way, we've sorted everything you need to max out Zhongli level and talents into this handy guide.

Leveling Materials

Every Genshin character requires 8,362,650 EXP to hit level 90. This can be done in a variety of ways, but here's one combination of leveling materials that'll get you there:

Wanderer's Advice 12
Adventurer's Experience 15
Hero's Wit 414
Mora Cost 1,673,400

Zhongli's Ascension Cost and Item Locations

Every element is associated with a certain gemstone, and characters with Visions of those elements will need those gems to ascend. Zhongli, as a Geo character, uses Prithiva Topaz at his ascension levels. Here's how many of each level of Prithiva Topaz he'll need in total:

Gem Number
Prithiva Topaz Sliver 1
Prithiva Topaz Fragment 9
Prithiva Topaz Chunk 9
Prithiva Topaz Gemstone 6

Then, there are some other items apart from the gemstones. The boss drop that will be used in Zhongli's ascension is the Basalt Pillar, which can be obtained by defeating the Geo Hypostasis on the Guyun Stone Forest. We have a boss guide for this enemy, should you need some pointers.

You'll also need an abundance of Cor Lapis to ascend Zhongli. This special mineral can be found all over Liyue under cliffs, especially in places like Mt. Hulao, where it appears frequently. You'll need to mine it from the nodes like iron and crystal chunks.

If you'd like to purchase Cor Lapis, Changshun sells five pieces every three days. She can be found in Liyue Harbor.

The last items you'll need are the enemy drops from slimes, Slime Condensate, Slime Secretions, and Slime Concentrate. Slimes can be found almost anywhere, but if you need some guidance, they can be pinpointed with the help of your Adventurer Handbook.

Item Number
Basalt Pillar 46
Slime Condensate 18
Slime Secretions 30
Slime Concentrate 36
Cor Lapis 168
Mora 420,000

Zhongli's Talent Materials

Zhongli has talents that can be leveled up, just like every other character in the game. To do this, you'll need the Gold-themed talent books, as well as some slime drops and a drop from Childe's boss fight.

Here's everything you need to max out all three of Zhongli's upgradeable talents:

Item Number
Teachings of Gold 9
Guide to Gold 63
Philosophies of Gold 114
Slime Condensate 18
Slime Secretions 66
Slime Concentrate 93
Tusk of Monoceros Caeli 18
Crown of Insight 3
Mora 4,957,500

The Taishan Mansion domain is home to the Gold talent books on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

You'll be able to (sometimes) obtain the Tusks of Monoceros Caeli by defeating Childe on level 70 or higher in his weekly trounce fight.

Lastly, Crowns of Insight are mainly found during special limited-time events. However, you can earn a few by making offerings to the Frostbearing Tree on Dragonspine or the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma.

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