Genshin Impact: Valberry Location Guide

By the time you have a full roster of characters in Genshin Impact  you will already have a bunch of materials, relics, weapons, and items to juggle between them. This only gets more complex the further into the game you get, not only because you’ll likely pick up even more characters, but because they will start to require specific items found in the world for ascension. Many of these items, such as the Valberry, are quite are. If you’re stuck on trying to find these little red berries, we’ve got you covered.

Where To Find Valberry In Genshin Impact

Valberry is a material you will need to ascend characters such as Noelle and Lisa. You’ll want to pick up at least ten, but it is always better to grab more than you think, especially since this elusive berry can only come from two sources.

The first place to go if you want to gather up some Valberries is the far North of the map at Stormbearer Point. If you put yourself where the actual S in Stormbearer falls on the map you should find a Valberry bush right where you end up. One bush holds around four berries, so you only need to find a few bushes to get what you need. If you head farther East you can find another bush around where the M in Stormbearer is, just under a tree near a pit in the ground. If you still want to pick up another four, just keep heading East into a plain near the coast for one more bush of Valberries.

If going out and picking the Valberries yourself isn’t your style, you can also buy them from the Botanist, however her stock is limited to five. Each will also cost you 1,000 Mora, which is by no means a lot, but certainly more expensive than just picking them yourself. Still, if you’re in a pinch, this is an alternative way to stock up on this, and a few other, rare flowers such as Wolfhook and Philanemo Mushroom.

Remember that plants such as Vallbery only respawn after around 49 real world hours, so if you know you’re going to be using a character like Lisa or Noelle long term, you may want to get a head start and gather some early so you don’t have to wait on them regrowing later on.

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