Genshin Impact: Pro Tips For Playing As Razor

Good electro characters aren’t exactly plentiful in Genshin Impact. Keqing is the only five-star electro character, with the four-stars Beidou and Lisa being ranked low on the game’s tier list. Razor is one of the best electro characters in the game, and unlike Fischel, he can easily be used to feel a DPS spot on players’ team. Razor is a claymore user with the ability to hit hard and fast.

He can easily replace five-star characters like Diluc when built properly and is one of the game’s powerhouses. The guide below will help ensure that players can master the character in order to deal massive amounts of damage to opponents.

Razor Moves Quicker

Claymore users are generally known for being pretty slow, but in the game’s lore, Razor is known for being an incredibly fast character. This is reflected in his passive ability, Wolvensprint, that grants the party a 20% reduction in consumed stamina while he’s in it.

Players should note that this will not stack with other sprinting related passive talents from other characters like Kaeya.

He Isn’t Made for Support

Many players make the mistake of trying to use Razor to back up characters like Diluc or Ganyu for extra elemental damage. Razor is not a support character, and his moves won’t stay active when he is taken out of battle, unlike what happens when Fischl is removed after summoning Oz. He can apply an electro effect to opponents, but this will only work for a single hit from the main DPS.

Razor is made to be at the front of players’ teams, as he does not have any type of support kit. Razor’s fighting style is aggressive. Both his elemental skill and elemental burst are designed to power him up further, and his weapon class helps solidify that he is primarily a damage dealer.

Players should focus on building a team around Razor instead of trying to insert him into their normal party. Razor is a character that is made for tight situations, especially after he obtains the second constellation. Razor gains 30% more energy recharge when his energy falls below 50% thanks to his passive ability Hunger. Awakening is another passive that also decreases his elemental skills CD by 18% when he uses his burst.

His Constellations Are a Must Have

Razor is a four-star character that players should save their primogems for. Every single of his constellations is especially useful. Here are his incredibly Constellations unlocks:

C1- 10% damage increase for every elemental orb Razor picks up; the ability lasts for eight seconds

C2- 10% more damage dealt when opponent health is at 30% or below.

C3- Lighting Fang level increased by three, for a maximum burst damage of 380 per hit.

C4- Razor’s elemental skill will reduce opponent defense by 15% for seven seconds.

C5- Claw, and Thunder leave is increased by three, for a maximum damage boost of 473 or 701 when charged.

C6- Razor deals 100% electro damage every ten seconds when using his sword. In addition, he will be able to collect an electro sigil for his burst without using Lighting Fang.

He’s Easy to Build Up

Razor will fare well for players who use the Gladiator set with him. In addition, the best claymores for the character are the Prototype Archaic, a forgeable weapon, and the five-star Wolf’s Gravestone.

In addition, Razor’s ascension materials are relatively cheap in comparison to other players as he mainly needs Damaged, Stained, and Ominus masks, which are all regular drops from Hilichurls. His plant of choice, Wolfhooks, are also easy to harvest in large quantities around Wolvendom.

In addition, the Electro Hypostasis, which drops lighting prisms and amethyst, is considered one of the easiest boss enemies in the game to beat.

Party Suggestions

One of the biggest things to consider when using Razor is pairing him with characters that are able to support him by healing and inflicting constant elemental reactions onto enemies. When using Razor as your main DPS character, it is essential to have a good healer on your team; the best choices are:

  • Barbara- Allows for off-field healing and is one of the few characters currently given out for free.
  • QiQi – Heals while dealing off-field cryo damage to allow for the Super Conduct reaction.

After deciding on your healer, the next choice should be to choose characters that can benefit Razor with their off-field attack damage. Electro is a reactive element that can be used in combination with the following characters to give Razor extra damage when using his burst and elemental skill:

  • Xiangling – Both Xianglings Burst and elemental skill deal constant off-field pyro damage.
  • Xinqiu – Xinqiu burst will trigger hydro swords to appear, which will attack along with Razor.
  • Mona – Mona’s elemental skill summons a talisman that deals constant hydro damage.
  • Ganyu- Ganyu’s burst rains down constant icicles in a large AOE that deal cryo damage.
  • Bennett – Bennet’s burst creates an AoE pyro field that gives enemies within the pyro effect.
  • Kaeya – Kaeya’s burst summons cryo swords that can orbit around Razor.

Both Kaeya and Xiangling are given out for free in the game, making them easy to add to free-to-play teams featuring Razor. When added in with the free Barbara as the healer, this will ensure that the player has a full support team that will help Razor flourish on the battlefield.

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