Genshin Impact Player Tries To Take Wholesome Photo With Foxes, Accidentally Turns Them Into Steaks Instead

Genshin Impact’s Dragonspire area is a winter wonderland full of new quests, enemies, treasures, and wildlife. Even those little foxes you’re used to seeing roam around the world are there, but they sport fluffy white coats to keep them warm in the frozen zone instead. There’s a hidden quest you can do to help some of them out, but unfortunately, it went disastrously wrong for one player on Reddit.

For a little context, the fox quest isn’t anything Genshin Impact will explicitly instruct you to do. It’s a hidden task, one that requires you to run around feeding the fluff balls plenty of berries in their dishes. Once you’ve gone through the motions of loading them all up, you’ll be rewarded with an achievement and a secret chest full of goodies. The cutest part though is the group of little foxes gathered around the chest at the end.

It’s the perfect screenshot opportunity. They’re all seated nicely in a half-circle, you could easily squeeze between them and pose for photo mode. The only problem is Dragonspire has this annoying Sheer Cold mechanic, so you have to light torches around you to stay warm. That’s what Sirenprince on Reddit was trying to do, so they wouldn’t die while smiling for the camera. However, when it came time to light the torch… he missed it.

Oh no. Ohhh noo. So, Genshin Impact does allow (and encourage) you to kill its adorable wildlife for meat, it’s kind of a must if you want to cook food for battle. But these foxes were different. We loved these foxes.

It’s all because of that frustrating Sheer Cold mechanic, without that the Redditor would have never had to light that torch and they could have taken their screenshot in peace. We’ve actually talked about this issue in the past on TheGamer, Sheer Cold will absolutely still kill you when paused for a screenshot in Genshin Impact’s photo mode. That seems like a bit of an oversight and real shame.

Anyway, if you’re going to try to take a screenshot of your new achievement in Dragonspire, just know that you can accidentally turn your new friends into steak.

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