Genshin Impact Introduces New Support Character Faruzan

Hoyoverse has just announced Genshin Impact’s newest character is over a century old. But don’t worry–Faruzan’s looks haven’t faded in her century away from the Sumeru Akademiya. She’s spent the last 100 years in a sort of stasis after being exposed to the Scarlet King’s power and reliving Sumeru’s past. With that spell broken, she’s ready to get back to work as a professor of the Haravatat Darshan, although her time away from academia means most of her students find her more than a little old-fashioned.

But her love for her students hasn’t dimmed despite 100 years having past. As a support character, Faruzan enhances the powers of those in her party. Specifically, her Elemental Burst "The Wind's Secret Ways" enhances the Anema power of all nearby party members by sending out a Dazzling Polyhedron. Her Elemental Skill "Wind Realm of Nasamjnin" also enhances her next Aimed Shot ability, applying the Pressurized Collapse effect which draws in enemies and damages them in an explosive attack. Even Faruzan’s normal attack is flashy as Parthian Shot fires four consecutive bow shots in a graceful dance.

Besides supporting her students in combat, Faruzan also likes to bake, prefers to be called "Madam Faruzan" by pretty much anyone, and is excellent at spotting fake antique scams. Being from the past and her normal area of study has given her a fantastic sense for antiques, and she's booked more than a few merchants trying to pull a fast one on hapless shoppers.

Hoyoverse hasn't given us a date for Faruzan quite yet, but stay tuned to Genshin Impact's social channels for more info.

In other Genshin news, publisher Cognosphere is taking the fight against leaks to a new legal level. Discord has recently received a subpoena for a leaker named Ubatcha, asking for their full name, email, phone number, and home address. In response, Ubatcha has gone underground, deleting all their tweets and removing their Discord server. It's unknown whether Discord will respond to the subpoena, but sharing info isn't against Discord's privacy policies which allow the chat company to share info with law enforcement upon request.

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