Genshin Impact: How To Unlock Palace In A Pool Domain

On top of the countless areas that you can explore in Watatsumi Island, you can also explore the Palace in the Pool Domain – one of the new domains added in Genshin Impact. Completing the puzzle will grant you 40 Primogems and 500 Adventurers' XP.

The tricky part is not getting to the domain but unlocking it. Unlike other Domain Palaces, here you will have to complete a few puzzles that will allow you access to the Palace. The puzzles are easy to complete and can be done in a few minutes. However, you will need to pick up the pace for a few steps along the way.

Finding The Palace In A Pool Domain

The Palace in the Pool Domain was added recently on Watatsumi Island in the region of Inazuma. On the Island, you need to make your way to Suigetsu Pool on the lower left side of the Island. However, do keep in mind that you need to be in Chapter Two of the Archon Quest storyline to access Inazuma and go to the Island.

Solving The Puzzle

After you summon the Electrogranum, you have to make your way around the water pool, using the electro charge to make all the arrows face the water. You will go from one arrow to another while charged with Electrogranum.

Having Beidou here can be helpful as her Elemental Skill allows you to charge yourself with Electro in the same way.

After all the arrows face the water, you will have to light up all the pillars. You can use any Electro character for this. So light up all the pillars to initiate a cutscene that will show that the water level in the pool is decreasing. After the cutscene ends, you will need to make your way down the hole.

Once you hit the water, you need to go straight until you reach the tree branch. Climb up to reach the upper floor, where you can stand. Look around the room for three switches on opposite corners. Activate these three switches by climbing on the walls.

The locked gate will now open, allowing you to go ahead. Deal with the enemies here and then proceed. Do not take the stairs down; instead, look up to find a place you can climb to. Activate the lever and jump back to stand on the floor. Now you should see a square switch in front of you.

Activate this switch which will initiate another cutscene. Now the water level will decrease even further, showing you the entrance of the Palace in this domain. After the cutscene, pull the lever near the gate in front of you and go ahead, which will take you back to the area you started from.

You need to go down the water hole again until you reach the ground.

After reaching the bottom, you can now finally interact with the gateway to explore the Palace.

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