Genshin Impact: How To Defeat The Golden Wolflord

Genshin Impact isn't slowing down with its bosses, and things are only getting harder from here on out. This is proven by fighting the Golden Wolflord, who brings the corrosion effect out of the Abyss and into Inazuma. The Golden Wolfloard can be found on Tsurumi Island, where he will emerge out of a dimensional rift once you approach the center of the arena.

Despite how it might seem at first, this is actually a pretty easy boss fight once you learn how to deal with his shield and attacks. The guide below goes over everything you need to know about defeating the Golden Wolflord.

Fighting The Golden Wolflord

The first thing you will notice about the Golden Wolflord is that he is big but slow:

  • Most of his attacks can be easily avoided as he slowly performs them, and even the laser beam he shoots out of his mouth can be run away from or simply dashed through.
  • His tail whip is also easy to avoid due to his slow speed, and so is the move where he crashes into the ground, just run outside the circles.
  • His dash is quicker and harder to dodge, so a shield can help to soften the damage if you haven't gotten the timing down.
  • If you step slightly outside of the stone ring, you can avoid his tornado; otherwise, it will tear your team apart.
  • He does have homing missiles, but once again, these can be easily dodged by dashing around the arena.

The thing that you need to be the wariest of is his ability to inflict your entire party with corrosion which can happen anytime the Golden Wolflord lands a hit on you.

When hit with corrosion, your whole party will start having their health zapped away, even if they aren't on the field. Shields can't stop corrosion, and it will only go away when you're left with just 15 percent of your health; the best way to avoid it is to not be hit by the Golden Wolflord and take him down quickly.

You don't need a bow character to damage him as he does spend a good majority of his time near the ground, just dodge his attacks and then attack further down his body. Once he gets to around 50 percent health left, he will deploy a shield.

How To Break The Golden Wolflord's Shield

This boss is going to be a lot tougher if you don't know how to break down its shield. The game will prompt you to attack the three Rifthound Skulls it summons; the catch is that you won't be able to do much damage to them with most characters. You need to bring a geo character to the fight to quickly break down all three Rifthound Skulls.

While most geo characters will work, the best character by far to use is Ningguang since even her basic attack deals geo damage. Even a lower-level Ningguang can bring down the three Rifthound skulls with only a few consecutive hits.

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