Genshin Impact: How To Complete We Will Be Reunited

We Will Be Reunited is the Chapter 1 Act 4 Archon Quest in Genshin Impact that takes place in Modstadt. Released with update 1.6 back in April, this quest follows Lumine and Paimon as they team up with Dainsleif, a teaser to Dain becoming a playable character sometime in the near future.

We Will Be Reunited is not an overtly difficult questline, but it is long with several phases to go through. With that said, let’s not waste any more time. Below is the We Will Be Reunited walkthrough in its entirety, along with some contextual info to better prepare you for the encounters ahead.



Before you can set out on the We Will Be Reunited questline, there are some requirements you’ll have to meet first.

  • Complete the Story Quest, Razor Act 1: The Meaning of Lupical.
  • Complete the World Quest, Bough Keeper: Dainsleif.
  • Achieve Adventure Rank 36.

Recommended Party

You will face onslaughts of a few different types of enemies throughout We Will Be Reunited, including Hilichurls, Abyss Mages of various elemental powers, and the big bad in town, the Abyss Herald. Because of this mashup of enemies, you’ll want to stack your party with an assortment of Pyro and Cryo characters to cover your basis against the different elements. Additionally, you may want a shield bearer on the team to fend off some of the heavier hitters you’ll encounter.

The Abyss Herald

The Abyss Herald, in particular, is a Hydro elemental, meaning you can make quick work of him using Cryo skills. Maximize this elemental advantage by hitting him with a whirlwind of attacks every time you freeze him solid. As for the Herald’s attacks, he has four primary ones you’ll want to watch out for.

  • In a flurry of attacks, the Abyss Herald will assault you with three consecutive slashes. You can anticipate this move by watching for the Herald to bow slightly with one sword pointed up and the other towards the ground.
  • Abyssal Roar is a charge attack that can also strike three consecutive times. The Herald winds up the attack by bringing his swords to his sides and powering them with the Hydro element. This is when you’ll want to brace yourself for the three subsequent aerial spin-charges he’ll swiftly launch at you.
  • When the Herald points only one sword to the ground, he is gearing up for his Decimate attack. He will then draw the lowered sword back and launch a projectile Hydro attack.
  • For the Herald’s Annihilate attack, he crosses the swords overhead and comes at you with a Hydro assault in X-formation.

The Ruin Hunter

The Ruin Hunter is a unique enemy you will face during the ‘A Herald Without Adherents Objectives’ phase of this quest, and it’s equipped with a deadly set of attacks as well.

  • Bombardment is a barrage of eight missiles that come crashing to earth in a devastatingly large AoE. You can interrupt this attack by targeting the hunter’s eye. Otherwise, be sure not to stay in one place too long.
  • Drill Thrust is a one-hit K.O. precedented by the hunter’s right arm transforming into a drill. This attack is typically triggered by drifting out of the hunter’s aggro range and can be avoided with patience and a well-timed dodge as the attack closes in.
  • The Ruin Hunter’s final move is a dual-slash and spin combo, and it’s a key one to avoid. The best approach is again to let the attack close in, then dodge sideways.


Phase 1 – Involuntary Sacrifice

Head to the Adventurer’s Guild on Modstadt island and speak to Ganyu and Lan to kick off the questline. These ladies will tell the Traveler of a Treasure Hunter party seeking ruins tied to the Abyss Order, prompting the Traveler to set out in pursuit to curb the trouble likely to arise. After setting out, you’ll have a trail of straightforward objectives to follow.

  1. Follow the map marker to the ruins atop Mt. Aocang in Liyue’s Minlin region.
  2. Defeat the Hydro Samachurl, Cryo Hilichurl Shooter, and Hilichurl Guards there. (In that order, if possible.)
  3. Navigate the ruins – South, down the stairs, and at the end of a corridor – remaining wary of bubble traps. (If a bubble encases you, you will be trapped until you break free.)
  4. Best the Abyss Herald boss using the tactics listed earlier.

Phase 2 – A Hearld Without Adherents Objectives

You’ll run into Dainsleif upon exiting the ruins. After explaining your venture into the ruins and the encounter with the Abyss Herald, Dainsleif will incite ‘A Herald Without Adherents Objectives.’  This second phase of We Will Be Reunited is comprised primarily of combative objectives.

  1. Look for traces of the Abyss Order at the next map marker near a Ruin Guard that sits dormant Northwest of the Liyue teleport in Minlin.
  2. Best the Hilichurl Fighters and the two Abyss Mages (One Cryo and one Hydro) in the area. Try to take out the Hydro mage swiftly to nix its healing abilities asap, and use elemental advantages to breach both Abyss Mages’ defenses.
  3. Head to the next marker to defeat another pair of elemental Abyss Mages (same elements as before), more Hilichurls, and a Ruin Hunter. Despite the inherent danger posed by the Ruin Hunter, do your best to avoid its grievous blows while dispatching the mages first as you did the last time.
  4. Continue to the next marker on the cliffs of Cuijue Slope for a final showdown, this time with Pyro and Cryo element Abyss Mages, two Hilichurl shooters (Pyro and Cryo elementals as well,) a couple of Hilichurl guards, and finally a Ruin Guard.

Note: The best tactics for the Ruin Guard in the final battle are to keep it immobilized with the elements or use an archer for a ranged approach.

Phase 3 – Dishonorable Trial

After discovering a talisman Dainsleif decrypts, the group heads to the Favonius Cathedral in Modstadt in hopes of finding out more.

  1. Talk to Barbara within the Favonius Cathedral in Modstadt.
  2. Speak to Dansleif, who will be waiting outside the Cathedral.
  3. Defeat the minor horde of enemies in Wolvendom.
  4. Rescue Boreas and Razor from the Abyss Herald and Hilichurls.

Note: Beware; the Abyss Herald has employed a new maneuver since the last time you faced off with him. This move begins with an aggressive leftward swipe of the blade and culminates in a powerful outward AoE Hydro blast.

Phase 4 – A Soul Set Apart

After learning more from Boreas, Paimon and the Traveler will return to Wolvendom to commence the fourth stage of the We Will Be Reunited questline, ‘A Soul Set Apart.’

  1. Talk to Dainsleif in Wolvendom.
  2. Inspect the Ruin Guard in Stormterror’s Lair.
  3. Re-enter the ruins, keeping in mind to avoid the bubble traps.
  4. Relocate the whereabouts of the inverted statue you had found before. Following the natural path laid before you should bring you to a bubble-filled cavern. Be extra cautious to avoid these bubbles as they aren’t interested in trapping you, rather dropping you into the abyss.
  5. Best the Abyss Herald and his Abyss Mage lackies a final time. The best tactic is to take out the Mages and subsequently the Abyss Herald’s support first, then take on the big boss one on one.

Story & Rewards

It wouldn’t be a complete guide without covering the payout, so here is the culmination of rewards you will receive for the full completion of We Will Be Reunited.

  • 131,475 Mora
  • 2750 Exp
  • 13 Hero’s Wit
  • 25 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 60 Primogems
  • 2 Guide to Freedom
  • 2 Guide to Ballad
  • 2 Guide to Resistance

We Will Be Reunited will differ from other Archon quests in that it is more heavily story-driven. It’s packed full of cutscenes and dialogue that strings you along from objective to objective. With all of this substance, you might expect some weighty dialogue choices leading to multiple alternate endings, so you’ll be shocked to learn that you are free to navigate the conversations at will without worrying about the outcome.

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