Genshin Impact Fan Draws Kaeya Portrait With One Single Continuous Line

There are a ton of ways to express your love for a video game. Some people like to cosplay as their favorite characters, others take to writing out fan fiction and placing their favorite characters in their own scenarios, and some turn to paper and pen to draw out their favorite characters and scenes. One fan is taking their passion for Genshin Impact and fanart to the next level by creating an awesome portrait out of one single and continuous line.

A post on Reddit by user billiepollet shows off their single-lined portrait of Kaeya from Genshin Impact.

This portrait would be amazing even without the added bonus of knowing it was done with a single line. That means that they had to sit down and craft such a cool piece of fan art without lifting the pen from paper. I can barely sit down and write a grocery list without taking a break, let alone sketch out a portrait without lifting the pen. Though, the fans of Genshin Impact do seem to go above and beyond with their passion for the game, so this level of commitment shouldn’t be too surprising.

The user also accompanied their post with a pretty hilarious Genshin Impact reference; “Albedo says he can draw Kaeya with only three strokes…Well, I can do it with one. Fight me, Albedo!”

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to delve into the fun that is Genshin Impact, the character of Albedo makes a comment in the game regarding sketching and how the time it takes to make a portrait is related to someone’s mood. He then notes that he could easily sketch the character Kaeya with only three strokes (one for the face, one for the eyepatch string, and one for the eyepatch itself). So, it looks like this fan decided to one up Albedo and simply do it in one.

The comments for the post are having fun with the reference and the art. Some are commenting on how Albedo should be quaking in his boots, while others are doing some investigating to make sure there is only one beginning and one ending stroke. But, the majority of comments are simply acknowledging how truly awesome this artwork is.

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