Genshin Impact: Every Catalyst User in The Game

Catalyst users are pretty much the mages of Genshin Impact. These characters are meant for distance fighting and do their best when the field is under control or distracted. This makes an opening for catalysts to start piling on the damage. Luckily, many of the characters actually come with abilities that make dealing with enemies easier.

The ones who don’t have strong DPS skills are made so that they can provide support to the rest of the team, making catalysts like Barbara a staple for many teams that require a healer. There are currently six catalysts in the game, and two of them are five-stars.


Lisa is one of the first characters that the player will get and is completely free-to-play. She is an electro four-star character who manages the Knights of Favonius’ library. Her elemental skill can quickly shoot electro balls at opponents and makes them conductive. Holding the elemental skill button will cause a quick but deadly bolt of lighting to strike enemies.

Her elemental burst summons an electro lantern that will follow the on-field player constantly shocking nearby enemies.


Barbara is another free-to-play hydro four-star character that is given out for free and one of the game’s two dedicated healers. She is an idol that works for the church in Mondstadt and a generally upbeat girl. Her elemental skill summons musical notes that circle the on-field character, occasionally healing them. If the player attacks with Barbara while these notes are up, the whole party will regain a small amount of health with each hit.

Her burst instantly heals the whole party, the higher Barbara’s health, the more the party gets healed.


Mona is a hydro five-star that is able to literally turn into water to navigate the field. This ability lets her travel quickly and even lets her traverse the surface of the water without needing to swim. Her elemental skill summons a mirror that will distract enemies and pulse damage to create an opening for attacks. Holding the skill button will summon this attack and quickly moves Mona backward out of harm’s way.

Her elemental burst can trap weaker enemies in bubbles that render them immobile before exploding and dealing hydro damage. Opponents will also be afflicted with an omen that makes them take extra damage from hydro attacks.


Sucrose is an anemo four-star who is known for her talent in alchemy. She is able to create a small Hypostasis that can pull and launch nearby enemies with her elemental skill. Her burst summons a large Hypostasis that will push and pull enemies continually, allowing for easy swirl damage from other party members’ bursts.


Klee is a young girl with a pyro vision and, like Jean, is a five-star member of the Knights of Favonius. Klee’s elemental skill unleashes a Jumpy Dumpty on the field that will bounce across the field three times, dealing pyro damage to nearby enemies before splitting into eight different mines. The mines will explode when enemies run into them, dealing small amounts of pyro damage.

Her elemental burst summons five sparks onto the field that will continually damage enemies for ten seconds.


Ningguang is a four-star geo character and is known for building the Jade Chamber in Liyue. She is a great support character who can summon a jade screen with her elemental skill. The screen does damage to nearby enemies when it appears and can block projectiles.

Her elemental burst sends out geo homing missiles that will track down enemies with a certain radius and explode, dealing geo damage.

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