Genshin Impact Developer Reveals New Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy RPG

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo has a brand-new action RPG in development called Zenless Zone Zero, a post-apocalyptic urban fantasy where you play as one of the few survivors, stranded in the last metropolis of this world – New Eridu.

The closed beta registrations went live today so, if you want a chance to try out Zenless Zone Zero for yourself, you can sign up right now. You'll be in the shoes of a 'Proxy' who are characters that lead people on explorations of Hollows. Not to be confused with Dark Souls' undead, Hollows are the entities that caused the apocalypse, bleeding "distorted dimensions" into the world and leaving monsters in their wake.

As with Genshin Impact, you'll be bouncing around between several, Anime-styled characters. And the usual bells and whistles and focus on combat are all present, but interestingly, miHoYo also touts that it has developed a "Roguelike gameplay mechanism" that we can look forward to exploring.

New Eridu might be a post-apocalyptic high rise, but it isn't in ruins – it benefited from the Hollows, using the dimensional tears to better their technology by harvesting them for valuable resources. This means that there's a futuristic punk spark to the city, but also a power struggle as gangs, politicians, corporations, and more vie for control.

Zenless Zone Zero was teased a few days ago with a countdown, using a retro television stuck on static to build up hype. Jump ahead to its reveal and we don't know too much about it other than its visual style and basic narrative, but if Genshin Impact is anything to go by, this'll be an action RPG worth sticking your nose into.

In other miHoYo news, the long-awaited Nintendo Switch port for Genshin Impact is "still in development", although it's unclear when that wait will finally come to an end. But fans can rest easy knowing that it hasn't been shelved at least. In the meantime, there's another game to look forward to, another world to get ready for, another miHoYo jaunt that we can expect to lose countless hours in.

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