Genshin Impact – Best Build For Keqing

If you want to maximise the amount of damage your party can do in Genshin Impact then it’s time to knuckle down and work out exactly what to do to make the most of each and every character. Every equipped artifact must be optimised, you must have the right weapon in hand, and you may even need to change how you play the game. In this build guide, we’re going to break down everything you need to know to become a master at playing with Keqing.

Keqing is an adorable but powerful warrior who can tear apart enemies with her swordplay and her Electro skills. All you need to make the most of Keqing is read our tips below…

Best Weapon for Keqing

Keqing is a sword-user, which means you should probably already have plenty of weapons you can equip her with, but not necessarily the weapons that will bring out her best attributes. Keqing uses Electro elemental skills, and is best when focused on raw damage output, so you need a good weapon which complements both elemental abilities and offers a decent ATK buff.

The easiest weapon to fall back on is the Iron Sting. The Iron String is craftable, meaning it’s easily within reach if you’re playing the game a fair amount, and it’ll carry you through most of the challenges you’re aiming for.

If you want a truly top-tier weapon, aim for the Skyward Blade, which is formidable in its own right, while offering great base stats, and buffs to ATK and CRIT Rate. This is a five-star weapon though, so you need to be lucky to pull it.

Best Artifacts for Keqing

For the short term, you should try to aim for whatever combination of artifacts give you a decent boost to either your ATK stat or elemental abilities. These are what Keqing thrives on, and her artifacts should complement that.

But long-term you should be aiming for the Gladiator’s Finale set bonus, which is attained with the following artifacts…

  • Gladiator’s Nostalgia
  • Gladiator’s Destiny
  • Gladiator’s Longing
  • Gladiator’s Intoxication
  • Gladiator’s Triumphus

Just two pieces of this artifact set will offer you +18% ATK, which when stacked with our selected weapon, is just incredible. If you manage to get four pieces of the set, that’s an extra +35% regular attack damage for a sword-user like Keqing. Excellent results.

Keqing’s Playstyle

Keqing’s abilities are powerful Electro skills. Her skills focus on AOE Electro damage, and they definitely do the job, with wide-range skills that can hit multiple enemies at once with ease. All of her abilities are built for AOE, which makes her great for combining those elemental skills with other characters.

Keqing’s Electro skills will work great with Hydro, Pyro, or Cryo characters, with whom she can combine her skills to cause Electro-Charged, Overloaded, and Superconduct, respectively. These elemental combinations can do huge amounts of damage, and Keqing is best used when in combination with these other characters, especially with her AOE skills.

She’s all about the damage, so go in, use those skills to inflict Electro on enemies, and then swap out and use the elemental abilities of your other characters to unleash hell. Then fall back on Keqing to do plenty of damage with the equipment you’ve read about in this guide.

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