Genshin Impact Banner release date: When is Kazuha Banner coming out?

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The Kazuha Banner is set to be Genshin Impact’s next big event, adding a new five-star character to PS4, PS5, PC and Mobile.

The first phase of the launch is now live, with a new Genshin web event available to take part in.

This includes completing a mission for Kazuha online, although it’s probably going to seem pretty tame compared to the final release.

For the next two weeks, Genshin fans can help Kazuha build boats, which involves heading over to the official Genshin site.

To participate and claim the rewards on offer, gamers will need to do the following:

“Once you have accessed the event page, please log in using your miHoYo account and select the appropriate server and corresponding character to ensure that you will be able to receive and claim your event rewards.

“PS4/PS5: Access from the event mail in the Paimon Menu > Mail. During the event period, Travelers who were not yet at Adventure Rank 10 or above at the beginning of the event will receive the event mail upon reaching Adventure Rank 10.”


Completing the full web event will provide you with some rewards, although developers Mihoyo have not shared what these are yet.

And for most gamers, the launch of the Kazuha Banner will be the main draw for the remainder of June.

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The Genshin Impact Kazuha Banner release date has not been confirmed by developers Mihoyo yet but is expected to arrive around Tuesday, June 29.

If this is the correct date, we should out more regarding the launch schedule from the Genshin support sometime over the coming days.

As always, this will be a global launch, meaning that some gamers might get access on different days, depending on if the launch time falls before or after midnight.

And before that happens, there will be one more event going live for PS4, PS5, PC and Mobile gamers to enjoy.

The Legend of the Vagabond Sword will offer fresh challenges to gamers, with Mihoyo telling fans this week:

“The gate to an unknown domain has opened, and within it await powerful, heretofore unseen foes.

“Draw your sword and enact your legend with the fearless spirit of a wandering warrior. Starting from day 1 of the event, a new challenge will become available each day. On day 7, all challenge stages will be unlocked. Travelers can choose to take on this challenge solo or Co-Op.

“Certain characters will deal increased DMG upon entering the challenge. Each challenge will provide boosts for different characters.

“Kaedehara Kazuha will be available in the “Leaves in the Wind” Event Wish, please stay tuned for future notices regarding its starting date.”

This new event will be kicking off later today and will include a number of rewards for those Genshin Impact fans who complete the necessary requirements.

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