Genshin Impact – Albedo Build Guide

Genshin Impact’s Dragonspine region is finally live as of the latest update to the world of Teyvat, and yes, there’s a lot to discover here. But we don’t care about a big cold mountain, nor the quests that surround it, no. We care about new characters, new challenges, and the best way to upgrade the latest banner star in Genshin Impact, Albedo.

Albedo is a sword-wielding Geo user, and I also keep singing his name to the tune of The Beetles’ Love Me Do, which is unrelated, but there you go. Albedo is also known as Kreideprinz and is a member of the Knights of Favonius – the sweet Sucrose works as his assistant.

Albedo is all about using his Geo elemental abilities to cause AoE damage to multiple enemies at once, and he’s damn good at it, but that also means you should focus on weapons and artifacts that complement that playstyle. Here is what you need to complete your Albedo build…

Best Weapon For Albedo In Genshin Impact

As always, we’ll start you off with what we believe to be the best weapon you can easily obtain for Albedo, and that has to be the Prototype Rancour. You know the deal if you’ve read through my Genshin Impact build guides before. The Prototype Rancour is a decent, capable weapon, and I like it a lot thanks to the fact that it can be crafted, and therefore easily upgraded. Not bad at all.

But if you want the very best of the best for Albedo, then you should be aiming to equip him with the Aquila Favonia. This sword can restore your health somewhat during battle, but it also deals AoE damage to enemies nearby – just like Albedo’s primary skills, wouldn’t you know it.

Best Artifacts For Albedo In Genshin Impact

There aren’t too many characters in Genshin Impact that use Geo abilities to dominate the DPS role the way Albedo does, which is why I don’t think I’ve written a build guide before that suggests using the Archaic Petra artifact set. It is made up of the following pieces…

  • Goblet of Chiseled Crag
  • Mask of Solitude Basalt
  • Flower of Creviced Cliff
  • Feather of Jagged Peaks
  • Sundial of Enduring Jade

Just two pieces of this artifact set will gift Albedo with an extra 15% Geo damage bonus, which is pretty decent no matter how you slice it, but four pieces of this set offer a huge buff. Obtain an elemental shard through a Crystalize elemental reaction, and all party members – yes all of them – gain 35% damage to that element. Add those together, and it can make Albedo, and the rest of your team, incredibly strong.

Once you have your chosen weapon and artifacts in place, all you need to do is focus Albedo’s abilities on doing damage. Use his Skill and Burst attacks regularly, stay close to his Geo construct, activate a few elemental reactions, and enemies shall fall.

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