Genshin Impact: 10 Relatable Things Every Player Does

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games in the world right now. With charming character designs and fun combat mechanics, it’s no surprise the fanbase is as large as it is. Yet, even with the game’s variety and diversity with characters and players alike, there are some things that are true for almost every Traveler in Teyvat.

Between long-running memes, the odd poorly explained mechanic, and pure luck, Genshin has a number of elements for players to brush up against in some way or other, and experimentation is natural. These are some shenanigans all gamers are sure to get up to in miHoYo’s magical world.

10 Underrating Amber

The very first party member to join the Traveler (Paimon notwithstanding), flaming archer Amber initially fell on hard times with her reception. She’s gotten a bit of a better rep over time, and Amber mains have even started popping up… rarely. Her initial appeal, however, remains middling.

Dubbed the Outrider of the Knights of Favonius, Amber seems great when we first meet her. She’s sporty, friendly, and shoots fire arrows. Then, you’re slowly introduced to every other character in the game. More interesting mechanics and more striking personalities bombard you, until eventually you usually forget all about the poor Outrider.

9 Using Time-Saving Characters On Expeditions For No Reason

With the Expedition mechanic, players can passively farm certain key resources over time. Expeditions take a little over 19 hours, though certain characters only take 11 hours if you send them adventuring in their home region. It’s still a long time, but every little helps.

Or so you’d think. Even with speedier characters out foraging, most people tend to log in to Genshin Impact around the same time every day. At the very least, players tend to wait until all their expeditions are done before claiming them, rendering any time saving a tad moot.

8 Skipping Most Dialogue

There’s a lot going on in Genshin Impact, not least in its text boxes. The game takes the decidedly JRPG trope of gallons of dialogue and turns it up to the max. Characters talk a lot in this game. Naturally, that leads to a fair bit of skimming and skipping.

This mildly grating length doesn’t detract from the game’s story, however. The lore is interesting and character personalities shine through. So much so that, despite speedrunning most conversations (looking at you, Katheryne), many players are still deeply engrossed in Genshin’s world.

7 Falling Victim To The Gacha System

Gacha has its charms, but for the most part it’s not great. Drop rates for coveted characters are low, and the pity system only helps so much. Most players experience the full weight of this system when pulling for new characters on their dedicated banners.

With Genshin’s dedicated banners, players have a 50% chance of their next 5-star drop being the actual character of interest. Getting an unwanted 5-star usually guarantees the next being the promoted character. Without that insurance, though, you may well end up pulling a certain haunted healer instead of your next big DPS.

6 Mismanaging Your Stamina

The game’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild-esque stamina wheel (or, half wheel) is something to always keep an eye on when exploring the many regions of Teyvat. Unfortunately, most people don’t.

No matter your skill level, everyone messes up with stamina at some point. Be it overstretching a swim and drowning at the last second, or sprinting a little too much into your gliding jump off a cliff, there are plenty of hilarious ways to leave your characters breathless. And dead. Paying attention to that wheel is paramount.

5 Absolutely Despising Abyss Mages

They say it’s the little things that count the most. For a number of enemy mobs in Genshin Impact, they’re right. The Abyss Mages are pint-sized paragons of pain, and the bane of Travelers everywhere.

With obvious elemental affinities, the Mages themselves aren’t too hard to deal with. The issue arises with their shields. Even when attacking with the right element, Abyss Mage shields can be absurdly tanky, especially at high levels. Taking the time to chip away at these shields has fatally distracted more than one player in the middle of Genshin Impact’s endgame content.

4 Not Quite Understanding The Parametric Transformer

One of the most puzzling gadgets in Genshin Impact, the Parametric Transformer is always fun to mess around with. On paper, it’s quite simple. Unwanted resources go in, desired resources come out. As ever, though, there’s some nuance to this.

A quick bit of research will tell you that inputting specific types of resources, such as plants and herbs, will net you specific types of rewards, like talent leveling books. An even quicker bit of play will have you soon forgetting these rules in the week the gadget takes to recharge. Joy.

3 Feeling Bewildered By Trial Builds

Every new character banner, and even in some limited events, Genshin Impact offers its players the chance to try out 5-star characters at a high level. These characters are equipped with a range of potent artifacts, weapons, and talent levels for their trial builds. And they are absolutely wild.

Looking into ideal specs for characters makes it clear that the trial 5-stars are not optimally built. A bit odd, but understandable. Play with them, though, and they start doing more damage than some people’s heavily invested versions of the same character with the right kit. That shouldn’t happen.

2 Having A Love/Hate Relationship with Inazuma

Inazuma is the third of Genshin Impact’s explorable regions. A fantastical take on classic Japan, the region has gorgeous hues of purple and autumnal colors scattered throughout. Even more radiant are its characters’ personalities, from the bubbly Yoimiya to the mysterious Yae Miko. Add to this a touchingly tragic story, and you have, unfortunately, one of the most annoying places in Teyvat.

The Nation of Eternity is great, but it is filled to the brim with frustrating enemies, arbitrarily blocked areas, and genuinely mind-boggling puzzles (destroying those barriers can be a pain). Not to mention some of the most annoying resources to farm. It can be quite a lot to take on. At least the music is great.

1 Targeting Those Innocent Pigeons

Exploring Teyvat can be a dangerous endeavor. Enemies, environmental hazards, and changes in the meta are all waiting to chip away at your health. It's a good idea, then, to keep some food on hand. One of the best healing foods in Genshin Impact is the Sweet Madame, a honey-glazed source of health. This particular treat, however, requires hard-to-farm fowl. Fortunately, the game provides a fun solution to this problem.

Just outside the gates of Mondstadt stands Timmie, a little boy with a flock of pigeons. They are his friends. His family. His solace.They are also great target practice for your shiny new archer. No player can resist.

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