Genshin Impact: 10 Best Weapons For Amber

The first playable character you get to add to your team in Genshin Impact, Amber is a Pyro-using, bow-wielding dynamo that is often overlooked and undervalued. She represents authority with a hint of free spirit, and her weapons selection reflects these traits.

Chances are you stop using Amber pretty soon after collecting your second teammate, mainly because you’ve alternated between the Traveler and Amber so much anyone new seems way cooler and more fun to play. Doing this, while perfectly understandable, diminishes the power of Amber; you just have to get her the right weapon to see how beneficial she is on your team.

10 The Raven Bow – Three Star

Easy to obtain through Wishes, you’ll find the Raven Bow is a fair fit for Amber without pouring too much time and resources into a higher-level weapon. Amber will get increased damage of 12 to 24 percent against any opponent that is affected by Hydro or Pyro attacks. She’ll also get a boost to her Elemental Mastery between 20 and 94, depending on the level of your Amber.

Aside from her Elemental Mastery, the Raven Bow gives Amber a bonus 40 (at level one) and 448 (at level 90) hits to her Base Attack.

9 The Sharpshooter’s Oath – Three Star

Another solid pick for Amber from the three-star range of bows, the Sharpshooter’s Oath is obtainable through Wishes. Your biggest benefit with this bow is its increased damage of 24 to 48 percent against opponents’ weak spots, as well as the crit damage bonus ranging between 10.2 and 46.9 percent. These boosts help Amber since her targeted hits are purely based on your skill and timing, so they’ll allow you to get more damage when using her free-aiming.

This is all on top of the Base Attack bonus of 39 (with a level one Amber) up to 401 (with a fully maxed out Amber).

8 The Compound Bow – Four Star

You can give Amber’s Normal and Charged Attacks a booster with the Compound Bow, and her Normal Attack speed will increase by a margin of one to two percent for six seconds every 0.3 seconds, and you can stack this up to four times for maximum effect.

A common weapon for Amber- and other bow users- because you forge it yourself at the blacksmith’s shop, you’ll see a boost to Amber’s Base Attack between 41 and 454, depending on her level in-game. She also gets a Physical Damage Bonus between 15 and 69 percent, making it a formidable weapon.

7 The Royal Bow – Four Star

Once Amber hits an opponent, she’ll get an increase to her crit rate by eight to 16 percent, with a maximum stack of five- but a critical hit will remove all existing stacks. Amber will also get an Attack Bonus of nine percent if she’s lower levels, all the way up to 41.3 percent if you have her trained higher.

This bonus occurs on top of the Base Attack bonus between 42 and 510, again depending on her level. The Royal Bow is fairly easy to get through a Starglitter Exchange, so if you don’t like your three-star bow options, this is a reasonable four-star pick.

6 The Prototype Crescent – Four Star

The Prototype Crescent allows Amber to increase her movement speed on Charged Attacks by 10 percent, and her Attack by 36 to 72 percent- depending on her level- for 10 seconds at a time. She’ll also get an Attack Bonus of nine percent if she’s a lower level, all the way up to 41.3 percent if you have her leveled up to her max.

You’ll get this on top of the Base Attack Bonus, which is a boost of 42 to 510, based on Amber’s level. This is another bow you can forge at the blacksmith’s shop, making it a favored weapon among fans.

5 The Blackcliff Warbow – Four Star

After Amber defeats an enemy, her Attack will be increased by 12 percent for 30 seconds. You’ll get to use this effect up to three stacks, with a duration of each stack independent of the rest. Amber’s crit damage will boost up eight percent if she’s at a lower level, up to 36.8 percent when she’s leveled up higher.

Your Base Attack will increase, too, between 44 and 565 stats, making the Blackcliff Warbow a promising bow to give to Amber. You’ll find it through the Starglitter Exchange, so access is open.

4 The Favonius Warbow – Four Star

When you put the Favonius Warbow on Amber, you’ll give her a 60 percent chance of generating a small number of Elemental Particles that in turn will regenerate six Energy for her every 12 seconds. You’ll also get an Energy Recharge boost between 13.3 and 61.3 percent, so Amber will likely never run out of stamina in a battle.

Her Base Attack will improve +41 (if level one) to +454 (if level 90), a much-needed boost to her Base stats. You can get the Favonius Warbow through Wishes, so it’s not that difficult to obtain.

3 The Stringless – Four Star

The Stringless is a favored bow among Genshin Impact players because it increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst damage by 24 percent- which is always beneficial, but especially so with Pyro-users. There’s also a bonus to her Elemental Mastery between 36 and 165, depending on her level.

Another weapon you can get fairly easily through Wishes, it’s worth the gamble for the boost to Amber’s Base Attack, especially when you have her at level 90 where the attack is 510 (though a lesser trained Amber still gets a bonus 42).

2 The Skyward Harp – Five Star

You’ll get an increase to your crit damage by 20 percent with the Skyward Harp. Hits that connect with the target will have a 60 percent chance to inflict a small area of effect attack that will dole out 125 percent physical attack damage. This can occur once every four seconds.

You’ll also see a boost to Amber’s crit rate bonus between 4.8 and 22.1 percent, as well as her Base Attack with a +48 to +674, both dependent on her level in the game. Though the Skyward Harp is a five-star weapon, you have a chance to obtain it through Wishes like lower-ranked weapons.

1 The Elegy For The End – Five Star

Possibly the best bow in all of Genshin Impact, the Elegy for the End increases Elemental Mastery by 60, plus grants you Sigils when dealing damage with Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst. After four Sigils, Elemental Mastery goes up to +100, and Attack increases by 20 percent. Add this to the bonus Energy Recharge of 12 to 55.1 percent, and you’ve got an incredibly powerful Amber.

You’ll also see a boost between 46 and 608 to Base Attack, and since you can gain the Elegy through Wishes, there’s a good chance you’ll obtain it eventually to go with Amber.

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