GeForce Now Adds New Games, Capture Tools, And Enhanced Chromebook Support

GeForce Now will finally be available on ChromeOS and will also be updated to include several new games and Nvidia’s video game capture software, called Ansel.

The 10 new titles coming to the GeForce Now library are new releases, such as Star Renegades, as well as free Epic Vault experiences, from Where The Water Tastes Like Wine to Railway Empire.

In tandem with Epic Games’ free game every week, GeForce Now will be adding each and every new entry to its ever-growing setlist on Thursdays, along with consistently expanding its library with new and returning titles. As for the former, returning GeForce Now games include a day-and-date Steam release of Star Renegades, which is 10% off until September 15, a special deluxe edition of the “Strategic Space Opera” Endless Space 2, and the Crystal Edition of Dungeon of the Endless. Other new exciting titles include Assassin Creed Chronicles: China, Skullgirls, UBOAT, and Endless Legend.

Chromebook users can now sync their Steam library with GeForce Now, also adding to Steam Sync’s widening platform support, which is likewise available on PC and macOS. Members will simply have to authorize their Steam account and update games through GeForce Now’s Game Sync setting with every new video game purchase made on Steam. This also will include Game Ready Driver support on Chromebook, meaning all ChromeOS users will have ray tracing and DLSS 2.0 available to them, so long as the game supports it, in addition to 1080p and 60 fps gaming across the board.

Making the rounds on the GeForce Now subreddit are a plethora of tantalizing in-game captures made possible thanks to the newly-added Ansel photo mode. This allows GeForce Now members to “take professional-grade photographs of your games,” and share them across spaces in a number of interesting ways. Nvidia is known for ensuring the highest quality made possible in graphical fidelity and in next-gen rendering. Ansel is merely additional evidence, handing players the potential to share the wonders of GeForce Now via HDR, 360-degree, super-resolution captures.

Ansel isn’t merely an overlay, either, as it allows GeForce Now members to completely halt the game and move the camera around to their likened position. Players can even add filters to broaden the effect and tone of the particular image, making content creation and gaming ingenuity all the more digestible on social media platforms, evidenced by the ongoing GFN Reddit meme contest.

With more titles and features becoming available on GeForce Now, not to mention support from the likes of Epic Games and Steam, Nvidia lifts its cloud gaming subscription platform into the stratosphere and, potentially, even well beyond.

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