Games with Gold May 2019 reveal TODAY? Xbox One free games news, predictions, leaks

Xbox One fans should be finding out the Games with Gold May 2019 line-up soon.

Microsoft never announces in advance when they’re going to reveal their next Games with Gold line-up and the timings vary from month to month.

The Xbox One free games reveal typically happens towards the end of the month but it’s never a specific day unlike PS Plus.


So it’s tough to predict when the next Xbox One free games will be revealed but time is running out for the Games with Gold announcement to be made.

With only a few days left in April the Games with Gold May 2019 line-up announcement is bound to drop soon.

Microsoft typically announces their upcoming Games with Gold line-ups with a few days in the month left to spare.

Which would mean that it would be highly unlikely that the Games with Gold May 2019 line-up would be announced on the last day of this month.

So, with Tuesday April 30 ruled out that leaves Friday April 26 and Monday April 29 as potential days for the next Games with Gold reveal.

Major Nelson typically announces new Games with Gold line-ups at 4pm so stay tuned for news around that time today.

And if no news is revealed today then keep a close eye for an Xbox One free games announcement around 4pm on Monday.

So far there hasn’t been any leaks about what Xbox One free games could be included in the Games with Gold May 2019 line-up.

But predictions have been made about new Xbox One free games fans could be seeing in the next Games with Gold line-up.

Game Revolution in a post online gave their picks for titles that could be appearing in the Games with Gold May 2019 line-up.

They predicted a high profile title from Bethesda could be included as a new free Xbox One game next month.

Game Revolution are expecting Doom or Prey to be included in the next Games with Gold line-up.

They also predicted that terrifying horror game Agony may be of one of the next free Xbox One games.

Rime is another title that was predicted as a possible inclusion for the next Games with Gold selection of free Xbox One games.

And as always there will also be a number of free Xbox 360 games alongside the Xbox One titles in the new Games with Gold line-up.

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