Games with Gold May 2019 reveal TODAY: Free Xbox One games news, leaks, predictions

Games with Gold May 2019 line-up is likely to be announced today, with Xbox One fans set to find out a brand new selection of free games.

Microsoft never announces in advance when their next Games with Gold line-up is getting revealed.

It varies from month to month but there’s good reason to believe the Games with Gold May 2019 line-up will be announced today.

Major Nelson typically announces an upcoming Games with Gold line-up with at least a few days in the month left to spare.

So that means it would be very surprising if the Games with Gold May 2019 line-up gets announced tomorrow, the last day in April.

It’s not out of the realms of possibility, but judging by previous Games with Gold announcements it would be very surprising.

That means today – Monday April 29 – seems the most likely day that the Games with Gold May 2019 line-up will be revealed.

If that’s the case, then Major Nelson should reveal the latest Games with Gold announcement on his Twitter and blog.


Ahead of the Games with Gold reveal a post appeared on the Xbox One Reddit page claiming to be the leaked May 2019 selection of free games.

It claims that the free Xbox One games will be Assassin’s Creed Unity and Marvel Super Heroes.

While the free Xbox 360 titles will allegedly be Lost Planet and Splinter Cell Blacklist.

However, there is no source for the alleged leaked line-up with many members of the Xbox subreddit believing it to be a fake created with Photoshop.

It remains to be seen if this alleged leaked line-up turns out to be real or fake, but take it with a huge pinch of salt until official confirmation.

If the Games with Gold May 2019 line-up gets revealed today then it will be announced by Major Nelson at 4pm UK time.

Ahead of the reveal predictions have been made about new Xbox One free games fans could be seeing in the next Games with Gold line-up.

Game Revolution in a post online gave their picks for titles that could be appearing in the Games with Gold May 2019 line-up.

They predicted a high profile title from Bethesda could be included as a new free Xbox One game next month.

Game Revolution are expecting Doom or Prey to be included in the next Games with Gold line-up.

They also predicted that terrifying horror game Agony may be of one of the next free Xbox One games.

Rime is another title that was predicted as a possible inclusion for the next Games with Gold selection of free Xbox One games.

And as always there will also be a number of free Xbox 360 games alongside the Xbox One titles in the new Games with Gold line-up.

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