Games Inbox: Who will be the last two Smash Bros. DLC characters?

The Morning Inbox is upset at the lack of modern skateboarding games, as one reader finally completes Red Dead Redemption II.

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Dream pick

I honestly think Doom Slayer is going to be one of the last two Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters. That Doom 64 leak doesn’t make much sense any other way and Bethesda has pretty much said that they’ve talked to Nintendo about being in the game. Now, both knew what was on the table going into the discussion so that must mean Nintendo was okay with Doom in principal so it just needed Bethesda to say yes, which they almost certainly did.

Don’t know who the other one could be. Nintendo have a rep from all the major Japanese publishers now so I’m not sure who else they’d go with. You really need Sony to complete the set but they’re obviously not going to loan anyone out. But could they get Crash Bandicoot or Spyro The Dragon from Activision? I bet discussions have been had and it would definitely be my dream pick.


Automatic interest

Great to hear that IO Interactive are going strong, I felt sure they were going to go under or that Hitman was going to be turned into an action series or something. Personally I would much prefer they go back to making the game episodic. I really liked how the first one worked and you’re right that it allows you to get the most out of each map.

The only problem that after peaking with the second one it was all a bit downhill after that, so I just hope they get a bit more consistency next time. Not that the other ones were bad but the best were so much better it all felt a bit uneven and anticlimactic.

Obviously I have no idea what the new IP is but having enjoyed basically all of IO’s previous games I will automatically give it a shot based solely on my respect for their previous work. There are very few other companies I would say that of, but they’ve earned.
Gary Bannister


Complete and trade

I notice a recurring theme in the Inbox that a lot of people don’t like shelling out 50 quid for the latest releases, opting to wait a few months until they’re a bit cheaper (which is understandable). Have they ever considered buying a new release, completing it, and then trading it in pronto? I get not wanting to do that if it’s a real time sink of a game or if you don’t have the 50 quid but I’d strongly suggest going for it if you know you’ll complete it in a week or two (I remember I got 40 quid for Far Cry 5 after a week, meaning that it cost me a tenner at the end of the day).

I certainly wouldn’t feel guilty doing this as you only need to check out gaming news stories on any given day to realise how little games companies care about or respect their customers.


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Change of pace

I thought I’d write in having just finished Red Dead Redemption II. I really enjoyed it, after finding the controls and combat a little clunky at the beginning, but the story and world were both so incredible that I definitely wanted to complete it, despite hearing how long it is (which wasn’t exaggerated).

Without giving any spoilers, I thought I was much closer to finishing the game than I actually was for a considerable length of time. This wasn’t a bad thing, as I was still having a great time, but it just meant that I didn’t really know what to expect next, as I felt the traditional rhythm that storylines follow wasn’t being adhered to. Again, I didn’t dislike this at all, it was just a different experience to what I’m used to in gaming, which I think is a fair reflection of what Rockstar were trying to do with the game in general.

After spending four to five months of only playing Red Dead Redemption II (I like to focus on just one game at a time – does anyone else have a similarly focused approach to their gaming?), I felt like I needed to play something light-hearted and almost carefree to change things up a bit. I’ve now since jumped into Yoku’s Island Express on the Switch, after reading GC’s review a while ago and hearing the consistent praise it’s gotten on a number of podcasts.

I’m only a few hours into it but it’s exactly what I was looking for – it’s bright, colourful, and charming fun. The pinball gameplay mixed with the Metroidvania progression is a combo that I couldn’t have imagined working so well. If anyone is on the fence about getting it or see it in a sale, I’d thoroughly recommend taking a chance on it.


Taking a break

Just to answer your question, I never played any of Fire Emblem Fates games as I had already sold my 3DS by that point. I think it was to help fund getting my PlayStation 4 but I knew at the time I’d end up missing out on a couple of releases. I was kind of hoping Fates would be re-released as a bundle on Switch but obviously that never happened.

To be fair, I think it’s quite nice to skip an entry in a franchise from time to time. It makes it all the more special when you finally come back to them. I never played Pokémon Sun/Moon either, so my anticipation for Sword/Shield is now much higher (let’s hope they’re up to snuff).

I guess that’s why I was extra disappointed that the new game didn’t have a glowing review like the previous entries, I picked the wrong entry to skip. I’m still really tempted by Three Houses, but I might end up waiting again for another future entry which is a more unequivocal success. Like I say, I just have so many other choices. For example, Divinity: Original Sin II is still on my list to play and that’s a perfect 10.
Ryan O’D


Old games are old

After finally subscribing to Nintendo Switch Inline I thought I’d give the free NES games a try that come with it. I have to say that I’ve been totally underwhelmed by it all when I eventually found where they were hiding in the menus to download.

I had a quick bash on every single game on offer and was pretty disappointed. I guess I was expecting more from them. They have great cover art and it all looks like a tidy package but once loaded up are just so out of date now and are weaker versions of the games I remember that were on other systems. Even the original Super Mario Bros. had screen tearing and I forgot you couldn’t back track on the levels on the original, which seemed to make things even worse having played a lot of Super Mario Maker 2 lately. This wasn’t the best time to be trying the original out again.

I know these games on offer are 30-year-old classics, and rightly so, but I owned a Classic Mini SNES for a while and never felt as let down as this. That felt totally the opposite. The NES ones don’t seem to have aged well.

I will admit I did enjoy playing Punch-Out!! for five minutes until the second boxer floored me with ease. The in-game sounds are worth a mention too though, as they’re still terrific.
Nick The Greek


Going too far

I’m very interested to know whether there’ll be any more new mini consoles after the Mega Drive. Thinking about it now, it’s kind of odd Sega didn’t start with the Master System as it’s gong to be hard to go backwards in time now and do that instead. And yet going forward brings you to the Saturn and all its many problems.

Beyond that you’re full into the 3D era and you’ve got lots of difficult questions about whether to remaster the games, update the frame rate, etc. To be honest I can’t see it happening. The PlayStation Classic was a cash grab that didn’t work out and I just think things like the Dreamcast and N64 aren’t iconic enough and need too much work. Does anyone really want to play GoldenEye 007 at 20fps nowadays?


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Comfort light

I like the DualShock 4. I think some of the criticism it receives is unfair but some of it is justified.

I think the build quality of the newer V2 ones are fine. Very sturdy, feel good and solid in the hands. I have had the rubber split on an older pad though. I think it was the original one I got with my first PlayStation 4.

The light bar has never bothered me. I actually really like it. It adds nothing from a gameplay perspective, unless you’re using the PlayStation VR, but there is just something about it. Also handy for finding it in the dark.

The battery is fine, it lasts long enough for a couple of days use for me. The PlayStation 4 can charge them up while it is off too, so I think it’s a non-issue really.

As for the light bar draining the battery; if you take a DualShock 4 apart it is actually only a tiny LED. They use a clever plastic lens to make the light fill the bar. It’ll be no bigger than the light on the Xbox controller, or any older PlayStation pad.


Inbox also-rans

Skateboarding games, that’s another genre that’s severely lacking.

GC: Have you tried OlliOlli?

Two Wolfenstein games being released in the middle of summer with zero promotion? What is going on here? Do Bethesda hate money or something?
Wendel Mint Cake


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