Games Inbox: What is the best old school FPS?

The Evening Inbox has some advice on the pros and cons of having a games room, as one reader looks forward to A Hat In Time on Switch.

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Top of the class

Very interested to play Ion Fury when it turns up on consoles. I’m sure it won’t be for everyone but it seems pretty clear what I’m getting myself in for so I’m all for it. I got me reminiscing about all those old school shooters I used to play and which one I enjoyed the most.

I’m with the other reader in that I never really enjoyed Quake all that much. As much of a technical advance as it was it still always looked kind of ugly and everything was brown for some reason, years before the Xbox 360 came along.

Wolfenstein 3D was too basic but Doom was definitely great, even if it kind of petered out towards the end and never really went anywhere. Duke Nukem 3D was great too, although its attempts at comedy were silly even at the time and it always seemed kind of dumb.

There were lots of other of these pre-console FPS but the one I think back with the most fondness and which doesn’t really have any major faults, that I remember, is Star Wars: Dark Forces. The graphics were better than Doom, it had a proper story, and there was plenty of landscape variety. Also, at the time Star Wars games were a novelty. Although I suppose you could say they are now too, albeit for a different reason!


Busy week

So… with Man Of Medan, Astral Chain, and Blair Witch all out in two week’s time (and GC attending Gamescom) I was really hoping your review for Man Of Medan would be up before the 30th, as the pre-order content seems really compelling and I’ve been looking forward to this release for what seems like an age now.

Do you have a review copy sitting in the pile GC? Appreciate you’re up against it time wise, however Man Of Medan’s running length is a rather compact four to five hour game. Think you could fit it in?
Chaosphere616 (gamertag)

GC: Don’t worry, we have Man Of Medan in already and the embargo is before the 30th. Publishers have been unusually proactive about the busy last week of the month and Gamescom getting in the way.


FUZE4 the players

Just a heads up FUZE4 Switch has an official release date confirmed for 30th August.

FUZE4 is a programming language for the Switch. How cool is that? It looks very functional and if the words ‘It looks like AMOS or STOS’ ‘makes you sit-up and take notice then I think you’ll find it looks as amazing as I do. It’s been a long trek, years in the making with constant delays but… it looks well worth the wait.

Check out the official website and later on FUZE Arena (when it goes live) for more info.

Note, I haven’t got any affiliation with the team at FUZE4 – I just think it’s potentially one of the best things to come out on any format in as long I can remember.


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Time to Switch

I came across an article advertising A Hat In Time as a physical release for the Nintendo Switch, with an October the 31st release date. It seems like a crazy time to release it as it’s the same day as Luigi’s Mansion 3 and probably in the busiest time also for games releases.

I remember GC speaking highly of it before and will probably purchase it if it’s a good port. It appears to have a co-op option and some downloadable content coming out for it too. Will you be re-reviewing the game?
Nick The Greek

GC: The Nintendo Switch release date is officially 18 October, so that must just be the physical release or maybe just one particular shop. It’s a great little game so we’ll definitely try to take a look at it again, especially if there’s been DLC since launch.


Stocking fillers

Just a heads up to the GC readers that Argos have Starlink starter packs for all consoles at £9.99. I got the Xbox One for my son and the Switch for myself, as it has a Fox McCloud exclusive figure with the Arwing ship.

The other extra Starlink toys are real cheap too, cheaper than Amazon, and I bought a few for my son’s Xmas.

GC: We really liked some of those ship designs, pity the game itself was so flawed.


Limp handshake

I’m hoping that someone in the geeksphere can resolve this issue for me. I bought a Samsung 4K television and then a PS4 Pro and 90% of the time it’s a lovely set-up. However, at (seemingly random) intervals, the screen goes black and the sound cuts off for about 10 seconds. Which is pretty stressful when I’m trying to complete a Street Fighter V survival game, for example.

The online fora (yes, that is the correct plural of forum) say that Sony blames Samsung and vice versa. Something to do with an electronic ‘handshake’ perhaps. But not very helpful for me. Can anyone offer any advice please?

Many thanks in anticipation.

GC: Keep playing that scene (you know the one) from Predator on the TV. That should sort out any handshake problems.


Social gaming

In response to Hexy’s query about games rooms I would say give it a lot of thought. I used to have one (projector, surround sound, all my games and films) and I barely used it. I felt really guilty spending any time in there, even when the kids were asleep, as it would mean not being with my wife. In the end the room was used more for putting films on for the children.

It might be better to keep gaming in the living room – it stops it being a way to opt out of interacting with others in your household, sharing your interest with those closest to you. I now proudly game in my living room (although admittedly that might be more due to being divorced now).


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Special room

In response to Hexy’s letter this morning, I’m lucky enough to have a three-bedroom house that was originally used as three bedrooms, but due to a change in circumstances one of those is now a dedicated games/TV/film room, which also has PlayStation VR and a (rarely used these days) racing wheel/seat.

Having this as a separate room does make it easier and I try not to spend too much time in there and see it as more of a ‘treat’ to myself, either for a gaming session or watching a film on Netflix/iPlayer. When I was with my partner we’d watch films in there or play co-op games together (or simply old-fashioned swap controller when you die in single-player games). Probably a psychological trick, but physically going to another room for a gaming session does make it seem different to switching on the PlayStation 4 in the lounge.

Quick tip, due to space constraints and swapping in/out various set-ups to accommodate PlayStation VR play (or racing wheel), I researched the best furniture for the room, and ended up getting a bean bag two seater sofa, as it takes 30 seconds to drag out/in the room depending on what you plan to do in there (no sniggering at the back).

Appreciate I’m lucky to be in this position, and certainly is a far cry (not sure which one) from my PlayStation 2 days in a bedsit, with everything literally in one room (but could mean I could play GTA: Vice City in my bedroom, which was also my lounge).

TL;DR if you have a separate room for gaming use it as a ‘treat’ room for multi-purpose activities rather than a getaway bolt hole.
TheTruthSoul (PSN ID)


Inbox also-rans

So the superb Yoku’s Island Express is now on Game Pass, I have it originally on the Switch and it was one of my top three games of last year, will I be playing through it again? Hell yeaaah… I love a cheeky achievement!
big boy bent

RE: Hexy. Nothing wrong with a games room fella. I’m going to be 40 next year and I got one! Nice place to relax, unwind, play games (Assassin’s Creed at the moment) and watch movies. You’re not alone!
Rav Singh


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Tolly, who asks what’s your favourite strategy video game?

Although they’re usually quite rare there’s been an unusual number of strategy and strategy role-playing games released this summer but what is your favourite of all time? What is it you like about it and how does it compare to both other strategy games and action titles with a similar setting?

If you don’t play strategy games why not, and is there anything that might convince you to give them a go? Do you think they’ll always be a niche genre or could you see them becoming more popular in the future?

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