Games Inbox: What is the best fighting game of the generation?

The Tuesday Inbox looks forward to The Outer Worlds reviews, as one reader struggles to get excited about Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2.

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Limited choice

I’ve been reading the Reader’s Features about the best fighters of the generation with some interest as, believe it or not, I haven’t played any of them. I used to really like fighting games but kind of lost interest on the current consoles and never really got into any of them. I might have got Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but I don’t have a Switch, so that supposed best one doesn’t really count for me.

I’m also not a big fan of Mortal Kombat, which always seems a bit try-hard teenager for my liking. ARMS is out because it’s Switch only, I have no idea what Dragon Ball is, and all I hear is complaining about Street Fighter V. Soulcalibur VI looks more like a low budget remake than a sequel and that leaves… Tekken 7 I guess? It’s hard to get excited about the seventh game in the series when the last four at least already all seem to blur into one.

Anyone able to offer any further advice? Was there anything missed out in the list or am I being unfair in dismissing some of these? It seems to me that outside the Nintendo game the whole genre is stuck in a bit of a rut and I’m not really sure what Street Fighter VI or Tekken 8 is ever really going to do to change things.

GC: Not counting Smash Bros. our favourite is Samurai Shodown, which we don’t think was mentioned in the Reader’s Feature series.


Standard policy

I’ve seen that the Death Stranding review embargo is 1st November. Does this apply to GC/ have you received a review copy? I have been cautiously looking forward to this game since the first trailer and am interested to play a fully finished Kojima game after Metal Gear Solid V’s ending, which managed to be both truncated and padded simultaneously. I always enjoyed the gameplay in that series and I do find his plots entertaining, if nothing else.
The Light Knight

GC: Yes, we’re playing through it now. It’s only Call Of Duty we don’t have in advance, due to standard Activision policy – they didn’t even send out Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice early. You might get a few of the big American sites with a launch day review but we don’t think it will be many.


Stay tuned

I’m just wondering if you’ve had your review copy of The Outer Worlds from Obsidian yet?

I’m quietly looking forward to it, but I have some worries about loot boxes and microtransactions. Which will be a deal breaker for me. I hope it reviews well and that it’s a good game. Just out of curiosity when is the embargo date?

GC: This afternoon. We can tell you now though that it doesn’t have any microtransactions.


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Legacy remake

This was supposed to be for the Hot Topic but I didn’t get the time to send a timely letter, but better late and all that. I would personally love to see a remake of Soul Reaver. I know this has been mentioned on these pages before and I myself imagined what a remake would be like even in the PlayStation 3 days, but I’d buy it if it ever happened.

The real world and spectral world were very impressive even on the PS1, when you swapped between the two; the transition bending and contorting the world before your eyes and at times totally changing the area, whilst also revealing different parts to the levels and different enemies. With the obvious graphical overhaul and an improvement to combat and perhaps some new areas to explore I’d pick it up on the day of release.

I really loved the intro as well, as it did a really great job of setting up the story and looked great too. The voice-acting also seemed pretty top notch. A great game for the time.


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