Games Inbox: Is Fortnite a game of the generation contender?

The morning Inbox has some ideas for improving Zelda: Breath of The Wild, as one reader asks why Japanese versions of games used to be so easy.

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Possible contender

I think dismissing Fortnite’s success to it just being free is wrong. Its initial success was because it was free, yes. But it’s evolved into quite an impressive game. Which is probably why it’s outstayed other free-to-play games. The Battle Royale mode has a constantly evolving map with new challenges and modes to keep it fresh every few months.

The creative mode is a very strong and deep creation tool, which already has some impressive user-designed content. And the initial Save the World mode is a competent, slightly less impressive survival game. Definitely worth the price of admission and the extras on top. It’s set a very high standard for free-to-play models. That in itself makes it one of the games of the generation.
Anthony Daniels

GC: We don’t think he was dismissing its success, just not listing it as one of the three best games of the generation.


Nothing’s perfect

I was reading the email regarding what was game of the generation and agreed that, for me, it would also be Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. But interestingly, it’s also a game that I feel could be much better. The four dungeons/Divine Beasts, weren’t great. Inside, they looked identical and were far simpler to progress through than a usual Zelda dungeon. So, if they made a sequel set on the same map that had some unique dungeons with distinct personalities I’d automatically be happy.

I still love every minute of the game, but it’s funny how easily I can identify weaknesses in it. I’m still salty about that the fact that the big hole near the thieves’ hideout didn’t lead anywhere.


Divided interest

Interesting to see in Ubisoft’s financial results that what every assumed from the sales results we get from physical games is pretty accurate. People are always trying to say that digital makes up for the drops and that the drops we’ve seen in sequel sales over the last few years aren’t real, but The Division 2 did see a drop in sales compared to the first – just like it seemed had happened.

My theory for this is that the loot shooter concept is just not sustainable. Not only is it impossible to play multiple games like this but even the established ones, like Destiny, eventually run out of steam. Destiny 2, The Division 2, and Anthem all underperformed and that in itself tells a big story.

It also explains why Borderlands 3 didn’t decide to go more in that direction: because it’s not a safe direction to take and far from the golden goose it seemed to be a few years ago. As you might guess I’m not exactly sad about that as I feel they are exploitative and very unimaginative. Even so, even I’m surprised at how quickly the idea has crashed and burned.


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Getting into gear

That Super Mario Maker 2 Direct was impressive stuff. The game has gone from not being on my radar to being an almost certain purchase now. I am not very creative but the story mode with 100 prebuilt levels, combined with the ability to play countless user-created levels, both alone and online, means I should get great value from it even if I never create a single level myself.

Koji Kondo being on board with new music is another great addition. 2019 has been a bit barren for the Switch so far but June onwards seems great with Mario Maker, Fire Emblem, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion, Pokémon, and Zelda: Link’s Awakening all still to come! With E3 still to come, there may even be more to add to that list soon.
Pigfish2 (PSN ID/NN ID)


Room for expansion

Just from looking at the trailer, I think Super Mario Maker 2 could very well end up my game of the year! That’d really be something with Fire Emblem and Pokémon both still to come. The new additions all look great and my creative juices are already starting to flow.

The addition of Cat Mario and the Super Mario 3D World style is particularly exciting. Did anyone else notice the massive gap beside the 3D World logo under the heading ‘extra course styles’ when making your selection? Galaxy or Odyssey course style DLC anyone? Can’t wait!
Ryan O’D
PS: Detective Pikachu was wonderful! I watched it in Madrid on holiday and the audience absolutely loved it!

GC: We noticed that. It seemed like there was space for at least three other styles. Personally, we’d love to see Yoshi’s Island and Paper Mario.


Online arcade

RE: Home arcade. My advice is to use the website for playing retro games using the services: The Console Living Room and The Internet Arcade.

This enables games to played within your Chrome or Firefox browser with controller support. Apparently, it works like a library so it should be legal, although I am unsure about this. As for controllers a suitable choice would undoubtedly be the X-Arcade joysticks.


Fugitive review

Any chance of a review of American Fugitive, please? It’s released next week on the 21st for PlayStation 4/Steam, 23rd for Switch, and 24th for Xbox One. It’s digital-only and is priced £15.99 on the PS Store or £12.79 if you have PS Plus. I guess it’s like a top down GTA with 3D graphics. I’m hopeful of it being good, but not yet convinced it will be. I would appreciate an honest review!

Also, Epic Games currently have a sale running until 13th June, you can also get £10 off any game priced over £13.99, including games in the sale and preorders. I’m tempted to get the final season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead for £4.24.

GC: Yes, but the review embargo isn’t until release day. Which is common for indie games.


Sink some time into it

Hey Gill C! I mentioned Subnautica a little while ago! It’s one of the bestest games I’ve ever played and I agree with everything you said – it’s a great recommendation to anyone bored with games or otherwise. Beyond most high-profile games any day.

I was obsessed for a good few months with it; only stopping when they released a patch that broke my game! They’ve promised this can’t happen again but I’m holding out for a Switch version. It’ll never happen but… I can dream can’t I?


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Virtual multitude

Some time ago I asked for recommendations for 3DS games and was rewarded with a multitude of suggestions that were brilliant. I was hoping the kind folks of GameCentral and Underbox could do the same now I’ve dipped my toe into the waters of PlayStation VR (already picked up Astro Bot, yum).

I also recall someone mentioning a VR forum/social media page which would also be useful. Thanks in advance.

GC: Some of our favourites include Moss, Ghost Giant, Rez Infinite, Thumper, WipEout Omega Collection, Firewall: Zero Hour, Polybius, and Resident Evil 7.


Inbox also-rans

I want to search through a list of all your PC compatible games you’ve reviewed in the last few years and separate them by genre. How do I do this please?

GC: If you click the ‘PC’ tab at the bottom of a review that’ll list all our PC reviews, or you can just use this link. We don’t separate reviews by genre though.

Steep on PC is currently free on Uplay store. Also, The Witcher on PC is free on GOG as long as you download Gwent for free and subscribe to their newsletter. You can then unsubscribe once you have got the free game! Here is the link to tell you how to get the free game on GOG.
Andrew J.
Currently playing: The Walking Dead Season 4 (PS4)


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was inspired by reader Purple Ranger, who asks what is the best Xbox exclusive ever?

Following a similar topic on the best PlayStation exclusives (and with another on Nintendo yet to come) we want to know what you think is the best exclusive released on any Xbox console, i.e. the Xbox, Xbox 360, or Xbox One. Anything is eligible as long as it was an Xbox exclusive at some point – it doesn’t matter if Microsoft themselves published it or not.

Why do you like the game so much and do you feel it was important to the success of the host console? Did it make any special use of the console’s unique features and how did it compare to other exclusives of the same period?

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