Games Inbox: How excited are you about PlayStation 5?

The Wednesday Inbox is upset it’s never found a Nintendo PlayStation in a box of junk, as readers stick up for Super Mario Run.

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Engine start

So Sony has admitted it’s called the PlayStation 5 and has started the motor on the next gen hype machine. I’m excited! Good I say, this generation is starting to stagnate and while I doubt the graphics technology will improve that much something needs to encourage publishers to create more new IP and that’s clearly not going to happen now without new consoles.

And as boring as it sounds on paper I’m really excited about the use of SSDs and what that will do about load times. That Bluepoint guy is dead right about cartridge load times and what that used to mean and I’d love to get back to those days. It could really change things up and that to me is more exciting than slightly better reflections or whatever ray-tracing is.

But the most important thing is, of course, the games. I don’t know when they’re going to start talking about that but that’s when the hype will really kick in for me, and I’m hoping for a good mixture of beloved franchises and new IP. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and God of War 2 plus two or three big budget new franchises in the first year would be right about perfect. Let’s see if we get there.


Holding back

Pretty excited to think I’ll be playing on new, seemingly very powerful, hardware this time next year.

Normally I would be hesitant to buy on day one but backwards compatibility and Game Pass make it a much more palatable purchase.

Essentially, I will have plenty to play on the new machines on day one, with minimal extra expense beyond the initial hardware purchase.

With a large PlayStation 4 back catalogue and Game Pass Ultimate for peanuts until November 2020 I’ve decided to hold back the last games of this gen to play on the next gen, hopefully with performance/visual upgrades out of the box or through patches.

When I think I used to have to save two months’ paper round money to buy a SNES cartridge for 50-60 quid, admittedly in large part to Nintendo’s obscene cut, it makes me realise gaming is more affordable these days.


Insufficient input

I’m honestly not trying to be a downer but is there any point in being excited for the release of the PlayStation 5 next year? I can pretty much predict that it will be mostly just remasters of Sony PlayStation 4 exclusives, along with games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Doom Eternal.

There will no doubt be one or two PlayStation 5 games, but they’ll just be slightly better looking PlayStation 4 games with the ‘real’ next-geners releasing one or two years after launch. I am more than happy to be proven wrong though, but I can’t help feeling rather pessimistic.

GC: Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. There is literally no information on the games line-up at the moment. Also, the scenario you’re describing would’ve discounted Zelda: Breath Of The Wild as nothing to get excited about.


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Physical sin

Any word on when the physical version of Divinity: Original Sin II is coming out? I really want to play the game but as it’s a style I have never really tried before and there are a few things, like the tactical gameplay that I’m not 100% sure I will enjoy. I want to get an actual copy rather than the download so that I have the option to trade it in if it doesn’t click for me.

I’m not on Twitter but I’ve been checking Larian’s page every few days, hoping for an announcement but nothing yet.

I would have thought they might want to get into the shops before the release of Baldur’s Gate III and the like, which I believe is only a few weeks away.

Any insider knowledge?

GC: Baldur’s Gate III isn’t going to be out for probably several years. Larian have hinted they’re working on a physical release but to our knowledge it hasn’t been announced yet.


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