Games Inbox: Have you played Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice yet?

The morning Inbox is still not sure it believes Google’s claims for Stadia, as one reader looks forward to Yoshi’s Crafted World.

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FromSoftware with love

I normally wait for GC, and other, reviews before I buy any game and I am 100% in the camp that it’s madness to pre-order any game, or make any purchase before you know what you’re getting. Well, 99% I suppose I’d have to say now. While I didn’t pre-order it (I still don’t understand what the point of that would be) I did get it on Friday and have been playing it over the weekend.

I know FromSoftware said it wasn’t a SoulsBorne game but I hadn’t realised just how differently it would play, despite have so many family features, like the bonfires and losing your experience points when you die. The combat is amazing, much better than any of From’s other games, and so fluid and satisfying. It’s absolutely not a button-masher either, as it’s all based around deflecting, countering, and dodging.

I love the stealth and platforming too, which you can focus on or almost completely ignore it seems. It’s hard too, but not so much as the other games – at least so far. I look forward to GC’s review but, especially based on their already positive preview, I feel certain they’re going to agree with me and say this is as good as anything From has done before, and easily the best game of the year so far.
Zero Digit


What to think about Nintendo

It’s an interesting question on what Nintendo’s next gen plans are going to be, but considering they just announced a carboard VR headset, which apparently works pretty well, I think it’s pretty obvious that the old adage about not trying to second guess Nintendo is still in full effect.

They’re clearly aware of streaming, and so presumably have a few contingencies, and I think we’re going to see them working very closely with Microsoft in the future. Whether it starts off with Game Pass on Switch I’m dubious but I think we’ll definitely see them involved with Smash Bros. and more indie games. I mean Ori on Switch is a pretty big deal as that’s one of the Xbox One’s biggest exclusives.

So is Cuphead really, which just goes to show the state of their first party line-up, but even so. Google is a direct competitor for Microsoft but I’m sure Google doesn’t know what to think about Nintendo and, like many before them, will try to ignore them and assume they’re irrelevant. I mean, that’s how Microsoft used to think too but they’ve wised up since then. Like them or loathe them Nintendo are the eternal proof that it’s the games that matter the most at the end of the day.


Doubting Thomas

I really don’t know what to think about Stadia. On the one hand Google are huge company, with mountains of money, who seem to know what they’re talking about. But on the other I don’t see how they’re going to magically get round the fact that most people’s broadband are pretty slow. Plus, they were stupid enough to announce a games console (okay, format) with no games and to hire Phil Harrison.

Even if it wasn’t due out for two or three years I could understand it, but it’s coming out this year? I just don’t see how it’s going to work. They’ve got a lot to do to convince me and yet I can already see that their own rebuttal is going to be ‘trust us’ and wait and see. I will be very interested in seeing how Microsoft’s own reveal at E3 goes down as it’ll obviously be a response to Google and frankly I trust Microsoft a lot more at this stage.

They know what lying to their audience does and I don’t think they’re going to make those kind of mistakes twice. I’ll guess we’ll see though, not really long to go now.
Tom Brown


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Royal surprise

For those that have been following the news about ‘Persona 5 R’ it’s now been announced over the weekend that it’s actually called Persona 5: The Royal and has a new female character in it. Unfortunately it didn’t say anything other than that, as the real annoucement is on Sunday (so Monday for us, I think).

It seems pretty blatant that this is going to be some kind of director’s cut in the mould of Persona 4 Golden though, and I will buy and eat a hat (because I haven’t got one at the moment) if it doesn’t also end up being on Switch. What with it already being on PlayStation 3 in Japan and Joker being in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

As a fan I can’t wait for another excuse to play through the game and a new format and new content is exactly that!


Supermassive-ly unnecessary

I just wondered how much you get to play when it comes to reviewing supermassive games? Like a Disgaea. I have never had the inclination to beat a legendary item, which is like a hundred floors long. Or beat Baal or Prinny Baal, always the game’s toughest bosses.

Have you? How quickly could that be reasonably done? A month? Six weeks? I’ve had Disgaea for years and not even maxed out a character. Yet I feel I’ve played more than enough to give someone else an informed opinion.

So, is that what you do? Beat the story, dip your toe into the deeper stuff and maybe a few of the late game unlockable levels?

GC: Yes, anything else would be madness. A review would not be any more useful or informative if we delayed it two weeks in order to complete some perverse post-game challenge.


Cheeky cheevo

Well, I for one lurvve an achievement, often striving for a placing on the friend’s leaderboard each month. One of my favourite/most memorable achievements however came from Left 4 Dead 2… I think, the fairground where you have to play a carny game to win Gnomeski, an actual garden gnome that has to make it to the end of the level with you and you can’t heal or shoot or melee while holding him. So chuck him in a corner while you sort a mob out, then don’t forget to pick the blighter back up again before moving on.

Luckily a teammate must’ve been going for the same achievement, cos he was borderline obsessive about that li’l pot grotesque when I let him pick it up… well, saved me carrying it about! Also, I liked smacking the clown zombie in the nose – honk! – for a cheeky cheevo too!
big boy bent


Embarrassingly proud

Little late to the party on this but the most proud (and also embarrassed about) an achievement I’ve got is farming all the stuff needed for the Insane In The Membrane achievement for the ‘The Insane’ title in World Of Warcraft before they nerfed the requirements for it.

Took me the best part of three months of four to five hours a day. Funnily, that’s where I started to hate the game and quit not to long after.

Currently not playing Warcraft !


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Moniker madness

NES: Nintendo Entertainment System
SNES: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo DS: Nintendo Dual Screen
Xbox: DirectX box
Xbox One: Xbox all-in-one machine
PlayStation: Workstation for play
Wii: Nintendo We (The two ‘i’s are meant to represent two people standing together playing)
PS Vita: Latin for the meaning of life [actually, it’s just LIFE – GC]
Wii U: Absolutely no explanation I can think of

There is a method to the madness. It’s still madness nonetheless.
Anthony Daniels

GC: We don’t think he meant there was literally no explanation, but that the explanations themselves made little or no sense. Especially when things like the DS are a retcon and the Wii U is actually meant to be ‘we’ and ‘you’.


Inbox also-rans

When is the review embargo up for Yoshi’s Crafted World? Looks so charming, but as ever await your expert review.

GC: It’s Wednesday.

Can’t believe we’re getting Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 after all these year. It really is true that no franchise is dead if there’s still fans around that remember it. I’m choosing to believe that means a Dino Crisis remake is a dead cert.
Campbell’s soup


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How much do you enjoy portable games compared to home console and PC titles and how would you describe the difference? Are you worried that if portable-only consoles disappear a certain style of video game may disappear forever?

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