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Sega’s R-360 cabinet was a beauty


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Racer X identity

RE: WonkiestAnt. I’m pretty sure that the arcade racing game that you’re trying to remember is WEC Le Mans 24, released by Konami in 1986. I also played it in the cab that span round in a Blackpool arcade back in the late ‘80s.
Tim Keeling

I think WonkiestAnt is talking about Konami’s WEC Le Mans 24 arcade game. I vaguely remember this being around the same time as OutRun and you sat in a round pod as it spun left and right. Graphically it was very impressive, but it didn’t click for me the same way as OutRun did. Maybe it was because you actually had to brake to go round corners as opposed to OutRun’s more forgiving and enjoyable driving style. I think reading between the lines I’ve realised I just wasn’t very good at it!

To the poor guy being driven mad trying to remember the circular arcade cabinet racing game, was it Konami’s WEC Le Mans 24? As I seem to remember spending far too much pocket money whilst trying to fight the wheel and motion sickness simultaneously, good times!

Is this the mystery coin-op?


Inbox also-rans

I looked it up and it turns out Andrew Wilson, boss of EA, gets paid over $35 million a year. $35 million! Apart from anything else I bet that’s more than the salaries of the 350 people that were laid off combined…

I agree that Final Fantasy VII has always been bad. It was a technical feat at the time, despite the terrible 3D, but that’s all it was. I wouldn’t play it today if I got it for free.


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The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Onibee, who asks what is your favourite portable game ever?

With the 3DS’s lifetime coming to an end what handheld video game have you enjoyed the most? It can be from any format, including dedicated portables such as the Game Boy Advance and PS Vita, as well as smartphone games, and Switch titles (assuming you played the game in handheld mode the majority of the time).

How much do you enjoy portable games compared to home console and PC titles and how would you describe the difference? Are you worried that if portable-only consoles disappear a certain style of video game may disappear forever?

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