Games Inbox: Do you think E3 2019 will be a classic year?

The evening Inbox is surprised to see Super Smash Bros. Ultimate get a VR mode, as one reader recommends Yoshi’s Crafted World.

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Favourite time of the year

I know some people complain about E3 being spoiled before with all the leaks but I have got to say I really enjoy this time year. All the new announcements, the speculation, the rumours and fakes… to me E3 is always the most exciting time of the year for games.

You might say that should be Christmas, when the games actually come out, but so often they’re disappointing. But when they’re just announced, they almost always seem good then! Take Call Of Duty as an example. I probably won’t get that unless the reviews are super good, and I have no strong feelings about the franchise in general, but that was a really good trailer and I’m curious to see more now.

Add in stuff like the mysterious Marvel’s Avengers game, Microsoft’s 14 secret games, everything Nintendo ever does and there’s still plenty to look forward to even without Sony there. And they seem to be doing all right with the previews and teases anyway. Personally I always look forward to E3 and I think that rather than a slow year this could be one of the best yet. Perhaps even a classic if Microsoft have a lot to show off.


The Price is right

I’m really excited about the new Call Of Duty trailer, in fact it’s the first time I’ve pre-ordered a Call Of Duty game in 13 years. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all about online for me, but when they show off the online trailer and I hear predator missile, sentry gun or AC-130 that pre-order will be staying. Plus, on Amazon you get a little figure of Captain Price.

I just hope they don’t do the same as WWII and bring out more stuff. For me and a lot of my mates they broke it when they done that. And no season pass sounds two me like Activision have realised season passes are a thing of the past. I really am excited.


Price dispute

A Modern Warfare reboot is all well and good, in theory. I’m all for it, but Captain Price without Billy Murray isn’t Captain Price. Could they not have rebooted it with new characters if they couldn’t get the same actors?

Can be overlooked providing the game is as gripping as the original though.


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Perfectly crafted

Just completed Yoshi’s Crafted World on the Switch and thoroughly enjoyed it. A lot was said about it being easy, but I thought the challenge was just about right for when you went trying to get all the flowers, hearts and coins in each level to unlock the next world.

I had recently finished Celeste, so was looking for a more calming platformer to breeze through and Yoshi provided that. Reviews I read suggested it hadn’t changed much from Woolly World, which is probably right, but having played it so long ago I couldn’t really remember much of it. So I wouldn’t let that criticism put you off if you were interested in this game and played Woolly World a while ago.
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)
Now playing: Yakuza Zero (PS4) and Iconoclasts (PS Vita)


Stealth mode

This may be an obvious hint but I found that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice got a lot easier when I turned down the volume to barely audible. The adrenaline from the music was just too much for me!

It’s still no fun, a bit one note in terms of gameplay, and too much like hard work. I remember Tenchu being a lot more fun.


Flavour of the month

This whole business with Marvel’s Avengers and Destiny shows another of the problems that happens because of how long games take to make. I’m sure Destiny seemed like the best thing since sliced bread back when Avengers was being designed, but it’s taken so long to make that the whole genre has kind of been and gone. They can still be successful but the lukewarm reaction to The Division 2 and total failure of Anthem shows to me that the whole concept has serious problems and the market can’t support too many of them at once.

Given the nature of Avengers I would imagine that it’s still fairly different to Destiny, since shooting guns isn’t going to be something all the characters can do. But it’s going to be weird if they are all custom characters. It almost defeats the point of it being Avengers, rather than just a generic Marvel superheroes game.

I am definitely interested in seeing how things turn out but the other problem with Destiny type games is how they always start off really bad and need tons of patches and fixes to get really good. Who knows what Avengers movie we’ll be on by that time.
Kendal Mint


Ape-solutely great

You can get Obduction free on for the next 48 hours, at time of writing (Thursday evening). It’s price on Steam is £23.99! Here is the link. When you click on the link then click on the green button and then scroll down the page that appears and click to get it from a banner.

Also, there is 30% off of Ape Out on Steam currently. It is £7.69, normal price £10.99.
Andrew J.

GC: Both are good games, we really enjoyed Ape Out.


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Sent packing

Come on now! Let’s not be dissing Leon’s attaché case in Resident Evil 4! Yes, I did just remember how to do accented e’s! And yes, I am going to use it as much as possible in a single letter!

I thought that managing the attaché case was an OCD gamer’s wet dream, speaking as one myself. Making sure to maximise the storage space, using each little square – recoiling in horror at those stored herbs on their side, or even worse! Upside down! What kind of monster would do something like that?! I personally stacked ammunition on their side, ammo logo on the left-hand side as grenades and herbs were stacked the ‘right way up’.

It always bothered me that there was only so much of something that could be put into one stack before it started another. Like, you could only have 50 rounds of 9mm bullets before another stack automatically started. Weapons had to be stacked with the handle on the left and the barrel pointing towards the right. It was very important, okay!

Oh, and the moments when the Merchant sells you attaché case upgrades! More squares to work with! Ah, be still my beating heart! It was always heartbreaking to have to ditch something whenever something really great came along – like when you find the rocket launcher or shoot dead a huge fish that will heal you back to full health from the very brink of death.

I suppose moving through that and the treasure page was a tad annoying, but I still liked being to piece together all the ‘super treasures’ that come in various components like the lantern that needed multiple coloured butterfly gems, err… I think.

Besides, a meticulously organised attaché case is a point of serious pride for the true Resident Evil 4 fanatic. God, I love writing that word! Hmm, attaché…


Inbox also-rans

Just seen you can now use Nintendo Labo VR with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nice to see they keep adding the options to games. I hope Mario Kart 8 is next.

GC: We just had a go ourselves and it’s not much to get excited about, but that’s just the nature of the game compared to something like Zelda.

I hope we get announcements of Super Mario 3D World and/or Super Mario Galaxy at E3. I know some people are sick of ports but these games are amazing, and not many people have played 3D World.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was inspired by reader Purple Ranger, who asks what is the best Nintendo exclusive ever?

Following similar topics for the best PlayStation and Xbox exclusives we want to know what you think is the best exclusive released on any Nintendo console. That includes portable and home formats, such as the NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, Switch, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, DS, and 3DS. Anything is eligible as long as it was a Nintendo exclusive at some point – it doesn’t matter if Nintendo themselves published it or not.

Why do you like the game so much and do you feel it was important to the success of the host console? Did it make any special use of the console’s unique features and how did it compare to other exclusives of the same period?

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