Games Inbox: Do you still care about Halo?

The morning Inbox wishes there was a Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic remaster, as one reader gives Rage 2 a perfect 10/10 score.

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Old Master

Very interesting Hot Topic this weekend. I was kind of shocked to see hardly anyone mentioned Halo or Gears Of War when talking about their favourite Xbox exclusives. Considering Microsoft has two new games coming up and is clearly beating on them being their rocks for the new console I wonder whether they’re just seen as too old hat now.

Personally, I found Gears Of War 4 to be very by the numbers and I’ve seen nothing about the fifth game that makes me think it’s going in some amazing new direction. Although I think it’s a bit more open world, did they say? That could be interesting, although being open world is in itself not exactly the most original thing.

I get the feeling they’re going to reinvent Halo quite considerably for Halo Infinite but the problem there is that most of what made Halo famous in the first place is now quite old-fashioned, in terms of gameplay, so I don’t know where they go from there. Not criticising Microsoft or anyone, but I certainly wouldn’t want the job of updating either series. I hope they’ve got some new IP to go along with them as well, as back-up.

Or maybe it was just people trying not to say the obvious. I remember you say that happens a lot with the Hot Topic.

GC: People are always trying to second-guess the Hot Topic, so it’s hard to say.


Milestone moments

Microsoft and Sony teaming up really is one of those milestone moments to go up alongside Mario and Sonic or Sega leaving the hardware business. We’ll have to wait to see how things shake out but I’m seriously surprised given how dominant Sony have been this gen and how bad Microsoft has had it.

Obviously they wouldn’t have done it if they’d had any choice but you got to imagine that was not a decision made in a hurry. It makes me wonder what will happen if Microsoft’s next wave of first party games aren’t that big or their console doesn’t sell? At that point they’ll be four for four in terms of failure and under normal circumstances you’d expect them to just give up.

But if they’re the ones making the tech underneath that everyone (except Google) is using they’ll end up being more influential in the games industry than ever, even if it’s not for their games or traditional hardware. I have no idea where all this is going to be honest, and the thing is I’m not sure the companies do either.


Watching Overwatch

So Overwatch is celebrating its third anniversary this month and still no sign of any kind of sequel or spin-off. I still play the game on-and-off but it really seems to me like enthusiasm for it has been dropping like a stone lately, especially with all the boring new characters lately. I just don’t get the feeling that Blizzard’s heart is in it any more, maybe because of all the layoffs and business stuff with Activision.

At the moment it just seems like they’re sitting on all these great characters but not doing anything with them. It feels a bit like Capcom with Street Fighter really, where everyone knows the characters but not many are actually playing the game anymore.

The obvious thing to do is a sequel, but there’s lots of other things that could work. A movie, Netflix series, single-player game… there’s lots you could do. Thinking about that Netflix seems a good bet to me. A live action movie would look dumb but I could see a good CGI show, like The Clone Wars or better, being pretty great.


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Beyond America

So it’s looking like Watch Dogs 3 is definitely going to get announced at E3 and everyone seems certain it’s going to be set in London. As a Londoner myself I’m cautiously looking forward to it, but also wary because the people making it are almost certainly going to be Ubisoft Montreal. So I’ve doubts as to how authentic it’s really going to be. Especially compared to The Getaway, which was made by an actual London developer.

It’s also kind of funny that the only place any of these companies are willing to set a game that isn’t in America is the one city that’s the closest to anything in the US. That’s fine for anyone in the UK, who’d like to see themselves in a game, but what is it going to take till one of these games is set in modern day Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia, or South America?

Sleeping Dogs was such a breath of fresh air being set in Hong Kong and that’s literally the only modern game that’s done anything like that. Such a shame that it didn’t become a franchise.


Passion project

I’ve just beaten Days Gone and I have to say… it was all right. Not bad, quite good, but nothing too memorable. Which is fine. I bought it on disc so I can now sell it to get a little money back. I can totally understand people not liking it though for its repetition and general overfamiliarity, but it kept my attention and I don’t regret buying it or playing it.

What I don’t understand though is some people saying it’s an amazing game and potentially game of the year. I mean, come on? If that’s the best this year has to offer then 2019 is going to suck. Also, it’s clearly not as good as Metro Exodus, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, or Apex Legends.

Opinions and all that but it seems such an odd game to get all that passionate about. I don’t think anyone really hates it but to love it as one of the best games of recent years? What the case I guess whoever said combine Sons of Anarchy with The Walking Dead is probably feeling pretty clever round about now.


Perfect score

After reading the Reader’s Feature Why Rage 2 deserves to fail I thought I’d write the other side of the coin. So, Rage 2 hasn’t got the best story, is cut from the same cloth as various other games of the type, and has a ugly waypoint system that has you following tons of purple chevrons to destinations, but boy is it fun to play.

Approaching a base and taking out everyone in it using assault rifles, shotguns, missile launchers, and pistols – all available at a quick switch of the weapon wheel – is excellent and makes for some really fun kills.
Side-dashing to avoid enemy fire, slamming the ground to put enemies in the air, and shattering an enemy’s armour with a pulse is even more options. Not counting the rest you can get by finding arks.

Then there’s the big enemies that fire laser beams at you while you try to defeat them with a barrage of missiles and grenades.

Did I mention the Phoenix? What a fun vehicle. Cruise missiles, Gatling guns, hellfire mortars, AP shells, a booster, what more do you need? Quite often you can stay in your car and wipe out an entire enemy stronghold with explosions galore before getting out to collect your loot.

This game, with its future planned content, is easily 10 out of 10. The reviewers are giving it an unfair score based on what they believe it should have been rather than what it is. If you want a game you can enjoy for hours in and out of your vehicle destroying and killing, this game is for you.

Well worth the £55.


Missed opportunity

I honestly believe EA not remastering/remake Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic while the own the Star Wars licence and BioWare is going to go down as one of the biggest missed opportunities ever in gaming. Maybe not in terms of sales or whatever but what a perfect coincidence that they are completely failing to take advantage of.

Of course a sequel would be even better but there seems even less chance of that. Plus, they’d never do the whole pause-based combat thing anymore in a modern game. Which is why having a good quality remaster would’ve been perfect.


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Disc only

In the tradition of desert island discs, what five games would you have if you were stuck on a desert island and why? You can choose any type of game from any era on any format. But because this is an island there’s no Internet connection – so no online games I’m afraid! My choice would be in no particular order:

1. Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild
If I’m stuck on an island I’ll want to play a game that allowed me to explore a vast, open world so I wouldn’t feel too lonely.

2. Super Mario Maker
I was going to choose a classic 2D Mario game but why settle for that when I could make my own?

3. Divinity: Original Sin II
The game I’m playing now – a game with so much depth in terms of character builds, combat, and plot. Controlling your own party of adventurers on a grand quest would make up for being on your own on an island.

4. OutRun (arcade hydraulic version)
A bright red Ferrari, glorious soundtrack – why not? Just hope I have enough coins…

5. Frontier: Elite II
Trader, pirate, miner, or bounty hunter? It’s a big universe out there. I played this obsessively on the Amiga and even though it ran like treacle the open-ended gameplay shone through.


Inbox also-rans

Hey GC, what is the worst game you really love? I’m talking about a game you had to give a low score to due to its many faults, but you found yourselves enjoying it immensely despite them.

GC: If we enjoyed something to that degree we would not consider it a bad game.

Super Mario Maker 2 is looking awesome in the recent Direct. It wouldn’t surprise me if it ends up being one of the best games of the year. The graphics (and I’m sure gameplay) are pure gaming perfection.
Mr Spacefoxy


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Xane, who asks who is your favourite non-playable video games character?

Whether they’re story-based or not most games are filled with NPCs (non-player characters), so we want to know who your favourite is and why? Do they have a big role in the game and are they a serious, dramatic character or more of a comic relief?

Is it their dialogue or appearance that you like, or perhaps their function within the game? What makes a memorable NPC and are there any that have elevated an otherwise mediocre game, or one so annoying it’s almost ruined a good one?

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