Games Inbox: Did Final Fantasy VII Remake have the best graphics of E3 2019?

The morning Inbox updates its predictions for Smash Bros. Ultimate’s final DLC fighters, as a reader adds going to E3 to their bucket list.

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Visual appeal

Although I agree Cyberpunk 2077 is the other main contender I have to say that Final Fantasy VII Remake is easily the most impressive game I saw at E3, in terms of just graphics. It’s not just that it looked great, which it did, but that it looked exactly what I imagined a remake looking like. Even what I imagined future games looking like when I played the original, based on its cut scenes.

Whatever else they get right or wrong about the game I think Square Enix has done a phenomenal job in terms of the visual design and they way they’ve presented everything. While some people are saying they’re cooling a little on Cyberpunk I couldn’t be more hyped about Final Fantasy VII Remake and am even considering pre-order the collector’s edition, which I never do.

Graphics don’t make a game but when you know the underlying game is already great then they sure do help to make it even better. I’m not sure what would come third though really. Maybe Ghost Recon: Breakpoint?

GC: Breakpoint had some very nice grass.


Fortnite kids

Am I the only one that had no idea what was going on in the Halo Infinite trailer? I mean, obviously that guy was waking up the Chief (how many times have we seen that in Halo trailer?) but what particular Halo was that that was blown up and what was the story at the end of Halo 5? Was his even a sequel to 5? I played the game but I remember very little other than you didn’t get to play as the Chief much and that other guy was chasing him.

I think Microsoft is banking way too much on nostalgia for Halo (and Gears Of War) when really it isn’t old enough for people to have really ‘forgotten’ about it and getting all misty-eyed when it’s brought back. If it still plays like Halo (which I hope) I don’t see Fortnite kids being interested in it, which only leaves older games who already like it to buy it out of a sense of tradition.

It’s not like it’s even going to be the only game in town as a Project Scarlett launch title, since it’s also on Xbox One. I feel Microsoft should’ve done what they did with the original Halo and launch the new console with a brand new game. Perhaps they will, but that’s not the impression they’re giving. I’m just not sure Halo’s ever going to be as big as it was again.


Final two

Now that we know three of the five DLC characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate I looked back at some of the previous rumours and tried to find one that fit… but couldn’t. The closest is one from January which seemed to know about Joker ahead of time and predicted Dragon Quest. However, it didn’t mention Banjo Kazooie and instead said Steve from Minecraft.

I still think that would’ve made more sense/been more interesting but I wonder if the plans were changed relatively late in the day? Which could still mean that Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden and Doomguy from Doom could be the final two.

If Banjo Kazooie isn’t out until this winter than you’re not getting the other two until next year, which leaves plenty of time to announce the Ninja Gaiden game that was apparently going to tie into the character. That does mean Doom Eternal will have been out for a while by that point though, which makes me think Doomguy is less likely.

Personally I’m just hoping for anyone without a sword as I’m getting sick of them. I know Dragon Quest is big in Japan, but I couldn’t care less about it – especially as its characters just look interchangeable with Fire Emblem.


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Pulling the trigger

The one thing I’m still not clear on with Nintendo’s current plans is where the new hardware revisions fit in. There have been so many rumours I can’t believe they’re not real and yet obviously they didn’t announce them and it would be really weird to do so just a couple of months after E3. Does that mean they’re not coming out this year but will be out next year? I thought they were going to be out for this Christmas?

I know we’ve just had reason number one never to try and predict Nintendo but I’m really not sure what to do because, gulp, I don’t actually have a Switch yet! I want to get one but I have terrible luck with buying new consoles just before a new model is announced. Is there any reliable rumour on what’s happening?

GC: None that we’d use as advice on whether to buy now or wait till later, sorry.


Course correction

I’ll wait and see when they release the new demo footage to the public but I’ll say I’m certainly less hyped about Cyberpunk 2077 now than I was. Some of that is just natural cynicism settling in, but the worries about combat and AI bugs has made me realise that the game is not infallible, which is how it seemed last year.

The Keanu Reeves get was a masterstroke but beyond that they didn’t really announce much and the demo suddenly sounded a lot more like Deus Ex than before, and that game had quite good combat so there’s actually some competition to be had there.

It might before the best though as hopefully the slightly negative turn will prevent CD Projekt from sitting on their laurels and we’ll get a game just as good as we were hoping in the end.


Half and half

I agree that Nintendo certainly had one of the best showings at E3, but it does seem very strange to me how uneven their schedules are becoming. This is two years in a row now they’ve had virtually nothing out in the first half of the year and saved everything from the second half. Last year that was really only two major games and this year it’s a really impressive line-up that could easily have been stretched out across the whole year.

We’ll never know, I suppose, but I’m guessing that was not on purpose and they’re simply releasing stuff as soon as it’s finished, while still maintaining quality by delayed games where necessary (Animal Crossing).

What’s interesting is they still have quite a bit in reserve too, including Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, and now Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2. Both of which are hardcore releases so they must have at least as many more casual friendly games ready as well. I wonder what they’d be though? There’s not many obvious one left once you count the delayed Animal Crossing.

I hope burning through their normal franchises relatively quickly will lead to some brand new ones as well. Although I’ve just realised that Splatoon 3 is probably inevitable for an annoucement at this point. But I’m okay with that too.


Queues for queues

Thanks for the E3 coverage, GC. Although once again it makes me wish I could visit in person. Although maybe not this year, I guess, as it wasn’t exactly a full house.

I’m curious what was the most popular game at the show for ordinary people, who I assumed would have to queue up to play the games. It seems weird that the show is mostly press and whatever with just a small percentage of paying guests. I do feel it should be something on my bucket list though.

GC: As usual it was Nintendo, who had queues to queue up for the actual queue. (Paying to go to E3 seems like madness to us, given how expensive it is and how much queuing is involved for so little gameplay.) The most popular individual game was probably Borderlands 3, which had a huge stand right at the front of the main hall.


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In reserve

With a big PlayStation 4 back catalogue to keep me busy, and thanks to Microsoft practically giving it away, I have PC and console Game Pass until 2020 and I’ve decided I’m going to try to not spend a penny on gaming now until I pick up a next gen console. I never play online with my PlayStation 4 so won’t even bother to renew my PS Plus subscription.

It’s not just saving money but it’d be nice to hold the last batch of this gen games like Cyberpunk 2077, The Last Of Us Part II, Death Stranding, and Ghost Of Tsushima for the lean opening years of a new console. Also, hopefully they will run better if even half of the PlayStation 5 backwards compatible performance enhancing features are true.

Or they will all get next gen version like GTA V, but it would be nice if the PlayStation 5 could just utilise the assets that are already there like Xbox One X can. I think it’s Oblivion where the Xbox One X, and maybe the Xbox One S, display textures that were part of the original game but the Xbox 360 wasn’t powerful enough to implement them and run well.

I also intended to finally pick up a big 4K telly with the next gen console, so it’ll nice to first experience a game like Cyberpunk on that.
Simundo Jones


Inbox also-rans

Do we think Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 is going to come out at the end of the Switch’s life and then be a launch title on the Switch 2? You couldn’t fault Nintendo for wanting to repeat that trick.

GC: That seems possible, even though the trailer looked like an ordinary Switch game.

Surprised to hear you say you get an interview for Dying Light 2, GC, as I know you haven’t liked Techland’s stuff previously. Can I ask what you thought of it?

GC: We were quite impressed with it actually; they’ve made some smart decisions to improve the flaws of the original. We should have our preview/interview up this week or next.


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