Games Inbox: At what point do you decide to pre-order a game?

The evening Inbox starts to share Super Mario Maker 2 codes, as one reader gives up any hope of a decent Game Of Thrones game.

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Pulling the trigger

With all the previews that we’ve had after E3 I think we have a lot of very encouraging looking games coming up and I have to say I’ve already pencilled in a few as games I almost certainly will buy when they come out, if the reviews are good enough. Or at least I cannot envisage a scenario where I do not end up getting Final Fantasy VII Remake.

But I wonder, as someone that never pre-orders myself, when do people that do pull the trigger? As soon as most games are announced they usually start encouraging pre-orders, often for super expensive collector’s edition (and that includes Final Fantasy). Is an impressive annoucement trailer really all some people need?

I’m not criticising them if that is the case but I’m curious as to how much, or how little, people need to be told before they make the big decision. I am often tempted, especially with Final Fantasy, but to me putting down money, or even the promise of money, before you really know anything about the thing just doesn’t sound right.


Ending well

With Inside recently hitting Xbox Game Pass I decided that now was the time to get around to playing it, seeing as it was a short game I could get through quickly. I knew I would enjoy it after having enjoyed Limbo many years ago and as I neared the end of the game I was enjoying it. It was a great puzzle platformer game, I was thinking it was a 8 or 9 out of 10 game. Then I hit the ending.

Wow, what an ending. In my opinion it’s one of the best in gaming, certainly in my top five if not top two game endings of all time. I had heard it was good but I didn’t know what to expect, I wasn’t expecting what happened and it just left me there staring at the screen in awe. The ending elevated it to a 10/10 for me. If you haven’t played Inside yet and have Game Pass, get on it now!
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)


Epic cake store

Most of my friends shop at Sainsbury’s and we like to meet up and have a chat while we do our weekly shopping.
But wait! They no longer stock my favourite fruit cake, because Tesco have bought exclusive rights to sell it in the UK.

Even though they sell the cakes at the same price, I refuse to go to the Tesco that’s right next to my local Sainsbury’s, because my friends also refuse to go there.

We’ve decided to get a petition going. Because I’m sure there are many people like us, who also refuse to shop in different supermarkets for no logical reason.
ttfp saylow (gamertag)


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Mini alternative

Thought I would give a shout out to the AtGames Mega Drive on sale at Argos for £37.99. I had last year’s version, which was OK, but the Argos one is the new model with an SD card. You can easily update the firmware from AtGames’ website, it looks like a Mega Drive, and the emulation as far as I can tell is spot on. The sound is excellent as well which is usually (for some strange reason) a problem for Mega Drive emulators.

Game selection is pretty good (Sonic, Golden Axe, Phantasy Star, etc.) but you can play your old cartridge games also and, with the update’s firmware, add your own ROMs if you (legally) have them.
Playing the hell out of Road Rash at the moment!


Community creation

RE: Ryan O’D. That sounds like a challenge that I’ll happily accept to make a new SAW course for Super Mario Maker 2. Hopefully I can have a go at that over the weekend.

It’s a real shame that you can’t import courses from Super Mario Maker on the Wii U, but alas I have remastered one of what I thought was my best course already.

The Firestarter Course ID: 2MQ-YD8-2XF

I also agree with Ryan that GC had a great community here on the last game and I enjoyed playing all the other reader’s courses. Hope you can post everyone’s courses in a big batch like you did last time GC.
Nick The Greek

GC: If people send them in, we’ll certainly post them.


Time versus money

I do not get much time these days to keep an eye on the Inbox or the site in general. Had a look over during E3, what a massive disappointment that was.

Anyway, there was one recent letter that caught my attention from Notts, concerning the amount people pay for games. This has always been something that confuses me, but for different reasons. I have been in a fairly stable position with my finances and have been able to have the spare money to buy new releases when I fancy them. However, I now have a four-month-old baby daughter that has made me consider my position with regards to my finances and time. I am now very careful with my money and tend to trade more, along with saving up if something new comes out that I cannot wait for.

Now, when I see some of my friends/acquaintances that are not in such a beneficial position, who have children yet buy every new game on release, I am shocked and confused. Where on Earth do they get the money from? Also, the same for the people gloating about completing a game within a week, whilst having a family to look after. The people who seem to be able to plough 15 hours into gaming daily.

It’s probably just jealously, but I remember being a young lad with nothing but time on my hands, difference is that I used to have to no money.

I shall get off of my old man soap box now.
Raoul Duke


About right

RE: Notts on console and games costs. I worked mine out a few months ago and I had spent £3,650 in seven years on both consoles and games, which works out around £43 a month over the 84 months, so I don’t think £50 a month seems unreasonable as a budget (I have three kids, so share your financial pain).

Like you, I’m wondering about scaling back over the next year due to the new consoles coming out next year. The mooted backwards compatibility will help with things, as there is the potential to sell existing consoles to help fund the Switch.


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Pound land

I have purchased Microsoft Game Pass a few times now, when it’s been at the £1 offer, so I’ve tested the water, as they say, a few times. I also recently picked up that bargain of an offer during E3, where if you join the Ultimate Game Pass whatever Gold subscription you already had running the pass would be extended to the expiry date of Gold. So for £1 again I have the Ultimate Pass until March 2020, but is it worth it?

Yes, of course for £1 it is. But once that expires will it be worth £7.99-£10.99, that is the question?

For me personally the answer is no. Why, you may ask?

Well, for a start, when I really like a game I’m a day one purchaser, if not within a month max. Basically, I buy the games I like quickly.

So logging onto Game Pass over the last couple of weeks and downloading around eight games I’ve tested them out like a demo. OK, tried it, didn’t like it, deleted it.

You see, only if I can stop myself from buying games for maybe four to six months then the Game Pass would be amazing. When I saw Metro Exodus come on I was like, ‘Wow, fantastic, this has only been out for a few months and it’s already on the Game Pass’. Then I realised, ‘Oh wait I’ve already bought this digitally on day one’.

See what I mean about buying day one? Well, at least I convinced my mate to get the E3 offer and he has now downloaded it and is enjoying it.

So for me, I know I can’t stop buying games soon after release and therefore having the Game Pass at its full price just won’t sit comfortably with me as I know I will already have the games in my backlog by the time they eventually come into the Xbox store.

So I’m wondering if I’m alone in this situation or are there others out there who feel the same?

Keep up the great work you’re all doing at GC Towers, I’m a big fan.
Mark (msrangers999)


Inbox also-rans

I think the main barrier to doing a decent Game Of Thrones game is that they make too much money off the cheap mobile ones for it to be worth doing anything good. Sad but true.

That Fortnite skin for Chief Hopper is rubbish, it doesn’t look anything like him! Odd because I thought John Wick in the Fortnite style worked really well.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Hatton, who asks what video game do you most regret playing?

What game do you feel ended up being a waste of your time, regardless of how much you paid for it in the first place? Did you stop straight away and how often do you usually give a game before you give up on it?

Was the problem that you didn’t enjoy the gameplay or story, or was it too difficult or time consuming? Did you still finish the game and if not how often do you end up giving up on a video game before beating it – or at least spending a substantial amount of time on it?

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