Gamers Want Spider-Man 2 To Credit Suit Artists Like Guardians Of The Galaxy And Marvel Snap

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has been one of the most anticipated games since its reveal back in 2021. With the game expected later this fall, it is likely that much of the sequel’s groundwork is already complete. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from letting Insomniac Games know what they want to see from the web-slinging sequel. Particularly when it comes to artist credit.

As reported by GamesRadar, fans of the Spidey games want Insomniac Games to take a page out of Eidos Montreal’s book and credit the artists for the featured in-game suits. In a popular Reddit thread dedicated to the upcoming sequel, fans are praising Eidos Montreal’s move to credit the folks that created the multiple Star-Lord outfits available in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, they want Insomniac to do the same thing with the suits for Peter Parker and Miles Morales, spurred on by the recent announcement that Snap is doing the same thing.

The Reddit thread is quickly gaining traction within the community and there is a clear desire for artists to get the credit they deserve. After all, this would be a big improvement from 2018’s Spider-Man game and its Miles Morales spin-off. While both titles featured multiple different suits and outfits, no artist credit was offered. A real bummer considering how massive those titles were and how much exposure that could have offered the artists.

With a large outcry from the community, it is likely that Insomniac will include the proper credit in the sequel. After all, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy seems to have set a precedent for Marvel games. The recently launched, and wildly popular, mobile game Marvel Snap launched without artist credit on its multiple cards. However, that was quickly rectified in a post-launch update earlier this month.

With months to go before we get our hands on Spider-Man 2, only time will tell if this demand is met.

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