Gamer holds emotional funeral for 980Ti graphics card in hilarious Reddit video

This video of a gamer holding a “funeral” for his graphics card has had the Reddit community in stitches.

In the clip, the 980 Ti graphics card – which were sold for around £600 back in 2015 – is seen resting in a homemade cardboard coffin.

The coffin features a white satin lining and a carefully-drawn cartoon drawn on the lid shows the graphics card meeting Death.

“Was I a good boy?” The graphics card is shown to ask.

“Yes. I’m told you were the best,” Death replies.

The video then shows the lid of the coffin being closed, with the distraught gamer laying a white rose on the top.

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Mournful music can be heard in the background and electric tea light candles are flickering besides the coffin.

According to the gamer, the graphics card lasted him from June 2015 to January this year.

The video has received more than 45,000 upvotes since it was posted earlier today and the Reddit community appears to be amused, but also feel terrible.

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“I’m not sure if this video is sad or hilarious,” mused one commentator.

“Hilariously sad,” said another.

A third viewer quipped: “He died as he lived, in a box.”

Meanwhile, many other people who bought the card when it first launched said they had been similarly bereaved in recent months.

"Mine just died a couple months ago. Goodbye brave soldier," said a sympathetic viewer in tribute.

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The EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB is a high-end graphics card launched by NVIDIA back in 2015.

Despite advances in technology, it is still regarded by gamers as one of the better cards around today.

NVIDIA has since launched a newer and even more high tech graphics card – the NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti which Daily Star Online reviewed last year.

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