Game Of Thrones Beyond The Wall Introduces A Brand New Story

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is to be the next entry into a series of Game of Thrones video games that includes Telltale’s Game of Thrones adventure game, last year’s Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming, and several others. Beyond the Wall, which has just been made available for pre-order on the Apple App Store and Google Play, will tell an entirely new story in the world of Westeros through on-trend mobile game mechanics. It will be available later this month.

As its name suggests, Beyond the Wall will take place in Westeros’ northern expanse, at and beyond the wall that separates the continent’s seven kingdoms from its northern wilds. The new story will take place 50 years before the events depicted in the books and TV series.

That said, a gacha system for building player-controlled teams will include characters fans of the fantasy franchise know and love, due to a convenient time travel element incorporated into the original story. Teams will be assembled from these and other characters from throughout the seven kingdoms, some of whom are original characters created for the game, with names like Mayla the Woods Witch and First Ranger Alvar Spyre.

Combat resembles that of the Fire Emblem franchise, in that a team of player-controlled units are maneuvered across a playing field divided into a grid of squares that determines movement and attacking range. Like other gacha games before it, various versions of different unites are available, dependent on a rarity system. For example, the one-out-of-five star rarity version of Daenerys is titled “Breaker of Chains” and wears civilian clothes, whereas the two-star Daenerys is titled “Lady of Dragonstone,” and is bedecked in a suit of red armor. Rarer units have better stats and different abilities.

Pre-ordering (or, more accurately, pre-registering, as the game is free to download) will give all players free in-game currency on launch, the specifics of which are dependent on the total number of pre-orders. Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall will release initially as an iOS exclusive on March 26th, and later become available for Android devices on April 3rd.

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