Galarian Ponyta looks like it’ll make an appearance in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Over the weekend, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company held a livestream that seemed to reward patient viewers with their first look at a brand new Pokemon.

Fans that tuned into a recent livestream for Pokémon Sword and Shield over the weekend were the first to see the reveal of a new Pokemon from the UK-inspired Galar region that'll be introduced to the series in the Switch games.

Nothing has been formally revealed (yet), but it looks like the Galarian version of the originally fire-type horse Pokémon is inspired by a unicorn – quite fitting for the UK theme of the game so far.

The Galar region Ponyta's mane is more incandescent than firey and seems to give the impression that it'll be a Fairy-type Pokemon, rather than Fire.

The Pokemon first appeared in the stream in the Glimwood Tangle location, a new biome that is apparently inspired by more magical forests that you'd find in English legend.

It's all very Tolkien.

There's no hint that we're going to see a Galarian Rapidash (Ponyta's evolved form) at the moment, but considering there is currently no 'new' form pre-evolution without something it evolves into, we're likely to see Galarian Rapidash manifest at some point in the not too distant future.

The stream also featured other Pokemon (but none that we haven't seen before).

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These Pokemon included: Impidimp, Pikachu, Phantump, Morellul and Shiinotic. So at least we know they'll all be in the game, too.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launch on November 15 for Nintendo Switch.

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