Frozenheim – Revival Campaign Mission Guide

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  • Gather Survivors
  • Finding Shelter
  • Securing The Village
  • Early Village
  • Grab The Nearby Watchtowers
  • Defending Your Village
  • Gathering Advanced Resources
  • Finding The Seer’s Hut
  • Finding The Runestone
  • Building The Temple

Now that you have overcome the perils of the tutorial, and the horrors of the secondary campaign tutorial, it is time to face some real challenges in Frozenheim. Things are not looking too grand for Gorm, and it’s up to you to lead your people into a new age of prosperity. Revenge will do too.

After Jarl Erland’s crushing betrayal, your people have retreated to the unfamiliar lands deeper in Frozenehim. With nothing else to lose, you have decided to go hunting for mystical Runestones. With any luck, this Runestone will grant you the favour of the Gods, and bring your people one step closer to salvation.

There is a bug in this mission (as of writing) that makes it so Wood will stop being gathered at some point after meeting the Seer. To resolve this, delete your Woodcutter’s Hut and build a new one.

Gather Survivors

Escaping Jarl Erland didn’t go as smoothly as one would have liked. Your forces are scattered, you have no shelter, and your resources are strewn across the coast. Before you can do anything, you need to find your comrades and find somewhere to set up camp.

First things first, head north. You will find a Supply Cart with +15 Wood and +5 Skins. Both are very valuable resources. Take a few steps west to find a unit of Axemen, then immediately head east to find a second unit of Axemen.

With your three units in tow, go southwest. You will come across another Supply Cart, also containing +15 Wood and +5 Skins. You will also find some wolves and a unit of Axemen. This unit is weaker than your other units, so quickly move them away from combat and use your more able-bodied soldiers to clean up.

Head north from here, and you will find your last unit of Axemen.

Finding Shelter

Once you have all of your units, you need to head further north, through a valley. Once you get a ways in, you will be attacked by two roaming wolf packs. Make sure your Shield Bearer is upfront to distract them, and then surround the wolves with your Axemen to quickly mop up. Use your abilities to increase your damage and survivability.

Leave the valley and head towards the quest marker.

Securing The Village

Once you have reached the village, you will instantly be attacked by Axemen and Archers. You will also gain control of a Scout and another Shield Bearer unit. Move these new units back to avoid combat and meet up with your original forces.

Use your Shield Bearers to attack the Axemen and distract them whilst you send half of your Axemen to attack the Archers, and the other half to support your Shield Bearers. With these units dead, you are free to start building your village.

Early Village

This mission can be completed in a very short amount of time providing you know what to do, but you still need to have a functional village in order to do it. Pause the game (Space Bar) and quickly throw down two Fishermen’s Huts, one Woodcutter’s Hut, a Collectors Guild near some Stone and Bog Iron (the ideal spot is to the east of the village) and five houses

Once all of this has been built, assign your workers accordingly and build the Training Grounds. Use this to replenish your Axemen, giving you three-four units of fully healed warriors ready to go.

Grab The Nearby Watchtowers

There are two Watchtowers near your village that you absolutely must secure. Send your scout to the south up a small trail that leads into the hills. Follow that trail east and you will find a Watchtower. Claim it to gain vision over your eastern border.

For the western tower, grab a unit of Axemen and head towards the Seer’s Hut objective marker. You will be attacked by wolves, but these can be easily taken out with a full unit of Axemen. The Watchtower will come into view, however, it is guarded by a Bandit Camp filled with Archers.

Keep to the woods, and rush in with Rage when you are close to quickly take out the Archers. Claim the camp for some bonus resources, and then secure the Watchtower to gain vision over your eastern border.

Defending Your Village

Your Village will come under attack regularly during this mission. The enemies will either be Axemen, Archers, or Berserkers – with the latter being the most dangerous. Your newly secured Watchtowers will allow you to spot threats early, and give you time to mobilise your forces to cover the correct flank. You don’t need to build any more units, but if you wanted to, then consider Archers.

Remember to Refill your units as you lose men whilst fighting.

Gathering Advanced Resources

You will need access to Skins if you want to keep your Axemen alive. Build a Hunter's Hut on your western border as there are plenty of deer to hunt.

To refill your Shield Bearers, you will need Clothes. This is an advanced resource that requires you to upgrade your Jarl’s Homestead to level two and construct a Tanner.

Finding The Seer’s Hut

Assuming you are following this guide in order, then you should have already cleared a path to the west. Move your scouts towards the Seer's Hut (marked on your map and in the fog of war).

The Seer will request 25 Food, which should easily be provided if you have two Fishermen’s Huts working in tandem.

Finding The Runestone

The Runestone is not easy to get to. It's shrouded in Fog Of War, and it is not exactly close. The best way to get to it is by boat. The question is: how do you get a boat?

Getting A Boat

To find the Runestone, you need to get sailing. You can construct your own boat, but this is far less efficient than the method we are going to use. Take a unit of Axemen and head north of the Seer’s Hut. You will stumble across some Bandits – kill them.

You will eventually find a settlement on the water’s edge. Talk to them and give them 15 Wood and 5 Stone. They will grant you a boat. Board the boat and follow the river, making sure to hug the eastern mountains.

Locating The Rune Stone

You will find a place to land after a short sail. Take your Axemen and follow the trail. Avoid or kill the wolves, and keep following the trail, making sure to cross any bridges you come across along the way.

You will find the Runestone perched on the edge of a mountain. Interact with it to learn how to build a Temple.

Building The Temple

To build a Temple, you first need to upgrade your Jarl’s Homestead to level two (which you should have already done). Then, you need to construct an Elder Hall. This is a very powerful building that has no actual value in this mission.

Once that is done, build your Temple and complete the Mission. Congratulations.

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