Frozenheim – Of The Sacred Sprout Campaign Mission Guide

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  • Getting Your Village Started
  • Early Game Scouting
  • Resource Issues
  • What Clan To Use
  • How To Defend Your Village
  • Dealing With The Bear Clan
  • Killing The White King
  • Finding Yggdrassil

After harnessing the power of Odin and destroying your enemies in the last mission, it is time to find the legendary world tree, Yggdrassil. This mission can be daunting if you are going in blind. The map is large, there is an entire enemy settlement hellbent on killing you, and there are bears, wolves, and quests everywhere – all needing to be dealt with at some point.

Whilst Frozenheim still isn’t ready to drop you into the deep end in terms of difficulty, it is happy to introduce new concepts and challenges to keep you on your toes. Resources will likely be your greatest enemy here, but thankfully, there are ways to get around that. If you know what you are doing, this mission shouldn’t take too long to complete.

Getting Your Village Started

As always, the first thing you need to do is get your village off to a good start. You don’t start with many resources, so you need to make sure you get everything set up in a single wave of construction. Not only that, but since you start with some units in this mission, your available workers are very low early on.

Regardless, pause the game and queue up:

  • x1 House
  • x1 Fisherman’s Hut
  • x1 Woodcutter’s Hut

This will leave you starved for Wood, but it will set you up with everything you need to get started. From here, slowly build more houses to accommodate more workers before setting up a Collector’s Guild. You want to focus on Stone at first, and then set up a second Collector’s Guild for Bog Iron once you have everything else set up.

You want to aim for around six houses in a 3×2 grid, and this should set you up for the rest of the mission. If you are going very heavy on Warehouses and production, later on, you will likely need around 9 houses to pull that off – especially with a standing military and manned defences.

Early Game Scouting

You start this mission with a unit of Scouts. There are several places you want to hit up early with your Scouts. Firstly, head west and follow the mountains to map out your village. You will quickly see that you can only be attacked from the east – which is a good thing.

Whilst mapping your village's border, you will come across a Supply Cart to the south. Pick this up for some additional resources. From here, continue mapping. Once you encounter wolves, immediately head north to find a Watchtower. Activate it to gain vision of the surrounding area.

After this, head towards the nearest quest marker and interact with the neutral village to reveal the location of the Bear Clan. We will deal with them later. Head southeast and find two more Watchtowers. Claim these both to gain a huge boost to your vision. You will find a Traders Caravan near the final Watchtower. This trader will be invaluable later. Keep your Scouts near the Caravan for the rest of the mission.

Resource Issues

The big issue in this mission is the lack of resources – especially Wood. You will burn through all of your surrounding Woodland very quickly on this map, and since there are no Runestones in this mission, you can’t just replenish them with a Blessing.

A way to get around this is to send your Woodcutters out of your territory to gather, but this will increase the time it takes for your Workers to bring the Wood back to your base. The best way to get around this issue is to simply use the Trader. Food, Skins, and Clothes are plentiful on this map.

You can trade all of this to the Trader for Wood, Stone, and Bog Iron as and when needed. Clothes are especially useful as they can be traded 2:1, which is a fantastic deal. The best way to keep your common resources high is to use Warehouses.

You can fit 3-4 Fisherman’s Huts on your Coast and have a single Warehouse work them all, increasing your Food supply drastically. You can also have a couple of Farmhouses and a Tanner linked to another Warehouse to supply a shocking amount of Skins and Clothes. All of this can be traded.

You can very easily end this mission with over 1000 Food and Skins if you set up your production effectively. This is, in practice, infinite resources – even if you can’t gather them naturally.

What Clan To Use

The best clan for this mission is either the Deer or the Wolf Clan. The Deer Clan is always an excellent choice as they are so effective when it comes to resource gathering/hoarding. The Wolf Clan are ideal for killing things, and there is a fair amount of killing to be done in this mission. Avoid the Raven Clan as one of their biggest strengths is the ability to locate Runestones. There are no Runestones, so they lose a lot of their usefulness.

How To Defend Your Village

Eventually, you will get attacked. These attacks are very small and are not a major threat. The best way to deal with them is to simply build some defensive towers. Place two or three of these on your border, and plonk a Well down to put out any fires. Simple. They will effortlessly defend your village without you having to do anything else.

Dealing With The Bear Clan

This will be your first real battle in Frozenheim. Thankfully, it’s incredibly easy since you can pull enemy units one at a time, and pick them off that way. For this, all you need is a single Shield Bearer unit and two or three units of Archers. You can flesh this army out more if you want – maybe add some Axemen to beef it up a bit.

Gather your troops, approach the camp, and have your Archers open fire on enemy units. Focus fire to ensure you do as much damage as possible. Rinse and repeat until everyone is dead.

The first building you should burn down is the Training Yard as this will prevent the AI from building reinforcements. Once that’s done, burn the Jarl’s Homestead and that will instantly destroy every other building.

Killing The White King

There is a powerful bear to the north of the Bear Clan’s now-defunct village. This bear is fairly tough but can be taken out with only a few archers if you draw aggro with your Shield Bearers first. Simply move your Shield Bearers into range, have the White King attack, and then unleash a volley of arrows.

A single volley from three units of Archers should kill it instantly. This will provide you with a huge influx of resources. Make sure to loot his cave too for even more.

The White King is also part of a quest that is required to complete this mission.

Finding Yggdrassil

Yggdrasil is easy to find once you have cleared out the Bear Clan and the White King. Simply head east and find a Gate. The Gatekeeper will let you through, at which point you will be assailed by several waves of wolves and bears. Have your Shield Bearer unit up front, and use your archers to take them all out.

Follow the trail north until you reach the water. Be wary of Bandit Archers hiding in the trees along the way – they can shoot you even if you can’t see them. Talk to the village, give them some resources, and board the boat.

Head towards the quest marker, and the mission will be complete. Easy.

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