Fortnite’s Resistance Season Launch Queues Are Up To An Hour Long

Queue times for Fortnite are lasting for up to an hour for some players as the new season kicks in.

Earlier today, Epic announced the latest Fortnite season, themed around "Resistance". Not only does it bring Doctor Strange onto the Island, but it's also removed building for a limited time and introduced parkour mechanics.

The introduction of such long-requested features seems to be causing some server issues for Fortnite however, as some players are reporting that queue times are close to an hour long.

Heading over to sites like Twitter and Reddit will show a large number of Fortnite players sharing the long queue times, some of which are close to an hour. Although queue times that long are rarer to see, a lot of players are reporting that the waiting time is a minimum of half an hour.

The official Fortnite Status Twitter account Tweeted about the issue, saying, "We’re continuing to investigate a server issue preventing us from opening up Fortnite game servers for everyone to log-in. We appreciate everyone's patience and will provide an update when Chapter 3 Season 2 has officially launched."

From trying to log into the game myself, I can confirm that some queue times are close to an hour-long, although it seems to depend on your location. Logging in from a UK PlayStation account had me waiting 12 minutes to get into the game, while trying to log in from a US account rocketed that number up to an hour.

It also seems to depend on what platform you're trying to log in from. Jumping into the game on PC from the Epic Games Launcher gave me a waiting time of more than one hour. That's when it's working anyway, as some issues prevented me from logging into the game at all a little earlier in the day.

This is especially interesting, as Fortnite very rarely has any queueing at all, except for musical events like Travis Scott or Ariana Grande. Whether that's because of server issues or the more exciting gameplay additions is currently not clear.

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