Fortnite’s New Chrome Mechanic Basically Lets You Turn Into A Chrome Inkling

Epic has revealed everything that's coming to the latest season of Fortnite and, as was previously hinted at, chrome is one of the central focuses. The first gameplay trailer for the season has revealed that players can basically turn into chrome versions of the Inklings from Splatoon.

Today is the release day for Fortnite's new season, Paradise, and Epic has finally shown off what players can expect to see on The Island over the coming months. The main gimmick of this season is that most of the map has been turned to chrome, and that players can use a new item to turn into chrome themselves, turning into a small blob and being able to move through walls.

According to the official Fortnite blog post regarding the season, players are able to enter this form by throwing down a new item called a "Chrome Splash". Doing so will turn them into chrome for a limited time, give them immunity to fire damage, and let them become a "blob" when sprinting. This blob can be seen in the gameplay footage and looks like what a metal squid kid might look like.

Being blobbed has its benefits, however. Being in blob form lets you move faster, be immune to fall damage, and let you dash through the air. To really push the Splatoon comparison, you can also dash into buildings to turn them into chrome and then phase through them, not unlike how Inklings can climb with their ink.

The Chrome Splash isn't just used for turning yourself or other players into chrome, however. The blog post also notes that players can chuck it at any buildable material, turning it into chrome and letting players pass through it, all without having to be a blob. Of course, turning into a blob lets you do that through dashing into it as well, but if you're not wanting to join the chrome, you can always just throw it.

Interestingly, although the chrome mechanic has similarities to the sand-surfing mechanic from several seasons ago, the two aren't quite as similar as leaks before the season's release implied.

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