Fortnite Website DOWN: Server Error crashes Epic Games site as Season 10 Patch Notes drop

Fortnite Battle Royale fans have crashed the Epic Games Fortnite website. Presumably, because so many people are jumping onto the site to take a look at the new Season 10 Patch Notes and Battle Pass details.

This is a breaking story, stand by for more details…

For the time being, enjoy the new trailer for the season that just dropped, just below:


Season 10 Overview:

Time is twisted and the Zero Point has become volatile in Season X. Whether you’re nostalgic for the past or excited for the future, there will be plenty for you to discover all Season long. A new season also means a brand new Battle Pass. Over 100 new exclusive rewards are ready for you to unlock, and it still costs the same 950 V-bucks. This season, you’ll get the X-Lord and Catalyst Outfits instantly when you purchase the Battle Pass!

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