Fortnite update time: Season 11 /Chapter 2 coming today as fan anger continues

Usually, when Fortnite goes down, dataminers managed to dig into the game's code to uncover when the game will come back online – and what it'll have when it reappears.

This time, though, Epic has been doing things differently – deleting its social media presence, and keeping patches away from the game so that players can't dig through the data and spoil the company's secrets.

The launch of Season 11, or Chapter 2, should be just around the corner, but the developer has remained uncharacteristically tight-lipped about the rebirth of the game.

Last night, we got some crumbs about what's going on: a

leaked trailer

, a hint at what could be in the battle pass and a leaked map all appeared online, but the veracity of the leaks has yet to be confirmed.

The latest rumours point towards an update coming directly from Epic later today – apparently at between 4am and 9am EST (which makes the apparent announcement scheduled for around 9am and 2pm for Fortnite gamers in the UK).

That's if a Chinese Fortnite website update is to be believed, anyway – there is no confirmation or update from any English Epic channel at the time of writing.

Even the leaked new trailer has been pretty unhelpful – aside from teasing new areas and what appears to be a graphical update, the new trailer hasn't revealed too much about the big changes coming to the game.

Information initially found in the game's files suggested that the "End" event would take place on October 13 and would continue until October 17 – but that code has since been altered.

It almost feels as if Epic is playing cat and mouse with the infamous leakers in the Fortnite community.

Even if we don't hear about when the game is actually due to come back online today, we're certainly going to hear something – there's no way Epic would let the game lie for three days without updating its loyal (paying!) community.

Players are saying in various forums and social media sites that they are 'heartbroken' and feel 'world has ended’ since the game has been offline.

Emotions are running high, but we're expecting an update from those in charge soon.

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